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Tanja Kooymans creates dazzling, magnetic pup portraits. This classy artist specializes in Greyhounds but also paints unique commission pieces, too. Get your pup's face commemorated for all time!
1. Galgo & Lurcher ($23.14) A truly majestic portrait. Can't you envision this duo on your wall?
2. Labrador Portrait ($23.14) Tanja's meticulous attention to detail brings out the spectacular, soulful eyes in this pup. Truly moving.
3. Trijn ($23.14) The blue tones in this piece make the pup's features really pop. This clean and classic portrait would look smart in a creative office.
4. Licia & Bella ($23.14) Not only are these watercolors positively delightful, these prints are so economical. If you're trying to class up your digs but stick to a budget, Tanja is the right artist for you.
5. Mihail ($23.14) The playful expression, the wise eyes, and the soulful gaze. Tanja moves our very soul with these emotive paintings.
Gilly ($23.14) This pup's warm expression and little tongue just emit a touching vibe. For sophisticated art lovers, this piece has the right amount of sweet without going overboard.
7. Amor ($23.14) Do you have an affinity for certain breeds? Tanja showcases many of her favorites, including the Podenco. Perhaps, it's time to have your beloved pup adorn your home.
8. Customized Portrait ($214.02) In addition to the works for sale in Tanja's shop, she also creates customized portraits of your dog. Now, your pup can be the subject of a work of art!
9. Customized Portrait ($214.02) Another look at these charismatic portraits. This Spaniel can certainly cast a spell on us. Considering the time and care put into creating customized art, the prices are budget friendly.
10. Ilias ($23.14) A wonderful study in rusty hues. This yields a stately and polished portrait.
11. Salgreys ($23.14) They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But, we think this one exceeds that statement tenfold.
12. Zeus ($23.14) Those eyes. That face. We're pawsitively sold on this stirring Greyhound.
13. Lilly & Rose ($23.14) This work is so elegant due its dedication to clean lines and form. A wonderfully minimal room with white and grey accessories will pawfectly compliment this amazing artwork.
14. Janie, Hoppy, Doortje, Chico, Bimbo & Ariadne ($23.14) The gang's all here! Why have a single figure in an art piece when you can have six? The more dogs, the happier the home.
15. Pele ($23.14) A ravishing survey on the brilliance that is the Greyhound. Can't you picture this in your home?
If you really want to be wowed by Tanja's attention to detail, check out this custom portrait alongside the original photo. Mind blown. Follow her Facebook for updates and art!
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Featured image via Tanja On The Wall