Translated: The Dogs’ Thoughts on Their March BarkBoxes

Translated: The Dogs’ Thoughts on Their March BarkBoxes

“Uh, mamz? Da treatz is gone from mah February BarkBox. Fink tis time for new one?”


“Ok brudda, you take da cornerz, I gotz the tape.”

“I fink I need hewp opening dis.”

“Wots yew doin’ in mah BarkBed, Mr. Mouse?”

“Oh mah hooman, dees treats are derricious.”


“So youz tellin’ me dis comes every shingle MONTH?”

“Teehee! Mahz BarkBox iz bigger dan meee!”

“Wotz dat? A BarkBox?? For me?? Feelin’ much betta, thanks mamz.”

“Mumma! Mum, mamz, mama, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom… Can I haz now?”

“Hey mamz? I ruv you so much right now.”

“Oh sweet gods wut haz I done to deserf such a bountyz!”

“Why yew alwayz take mah fings from me, hooman?”

“When doo I’z get a break from dis photoshootz to snarfs dese?”

“Dees ees da best day of mah lyfe!”

“And youz say da cat gets nerfin’ right?”

“I cans WAIT to show errbody dis new toy!”

“Great scott, dear chap! This is the most exquisite  bone I’ve ever laid my paws on.”

“Uh mamz, is he still behind mez?”

 “Yah I get it. Mah teef are crazy. CAN I HAZ MAH BARKBOX NOW?”


“Uh mamz? Can you pweesz tell da cat to stop rookin’ at mah BarkBox rike dat?

“Hey brudda wotz in da BarkBox? I can’t seez it fru mah furz.”

“Vait, vait… Dis is all for meee??”

“I’z on da couch and I haz BarkBox? Heeeeheeee!”

“I’s, I’s, I’s don’ know wotz to say, mamz!”

“Scoozi, brudda– mamz saidz we hads to share.”

“Maybez I uze Jedi mind trickz to make dees treats come to me…”

“Ok, I get da treatz…” “… And ju get da toys.”

“What you mean I haz toy addictionz?”

“Tink tis time for next Month, mamz.”