Dog and Toddler Bruddas Are the Internet’s Newest Inseparable Duo

Dog and Toddler Bruddas Are the Internet’s Newest Inseparable Duo

We’ve seen our fair share of toddler-puppy duos (Ex: Theo and Beau), but this next pair may have some of the cutest and most clever photos on the Interwebs!

Meet Carter and Toby, an inseparable duo of toddler and pup pals.

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Carter’s parents, Devin and Jake Crouch, said the bond started while Carter was still in the womb.  Toby would curl up next to Devin while she was pregnant, foreseeing the impending change in his world.

Devin said, “This bond between them was evident to us even before Carter was born. While I was on bed rest, Toby, who was not allowed in our bedroom at the time, would sneak up and lay at the end of the bed to make sure I was okay.”

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The couple rescued Toby in 2011 and welcomed Carter 16 months later.

“The first Carter and Toby photos started the day Carter came home from the hospital, when we noticed how protective Toby was over him,” Devin said.  “Toby stayed close to his new brother and would follow anyone who would hold Carter.”

Devin, who has no previous photography experience, started documenting the pair and their adventures.  She uploaded them to Instagram and the duo shot to stardom.

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Devin first started her Instagram account to shed positive light on adoption and rescue of animals.  However, as the number of followers continued to rise, the couple decided to use it as a photo journal for Carter.

“It feels great to be able to share these special moments with the world and to promote rescues,” Devin said.  “We look forward to giving Carter the journal so he can see the photos and incredibly kind words from complete strangers.  We feel very blessed that it has given us the platform to shed positive light on the adoption of animals.”

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The Instagram carterandtoby now has over 14,000 followers!  The cute and hilarious photos show the daily life of the pair, from learning/play time…

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…to a cranky Superman.

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Whatever the future holds for these two, we know one thing: They have formed a unique friendship that will last a lifetime.


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