Millennial Dog Owners Are Paving The Way For More Pet-Friendly Living

Millennial Dog Owners Are Paving The Way For More Pet-Friendly Living

Trying to find a dog-friendly apartment in my college town is like trying to distract a Dachshund from the pizza crust you abandoned on your plate. And if you know any Doxies personally, you know that it just won’t happen.

Buuuut, take a big ol’ step into any metropolitan area and the rules seem to have suddenly changed—not only are renters more lax on admitting furry tenants, but they cater to them, too.

And I don’t just mean the jar of Milk-Bones they keep behind the counter; I’m talking on-site dog parks, nearby daycares, dog-walking services, and grooming salons, to name a few.

You’re welcome, non-millennials, because you have the young folk to thank for this.

As more and more people realize the fantastic, unmatched joy of dog ownership, developers are beginning to understand that we make up a big chunk of their market. And are they willing to turn us away because of a phobia of barking pups, stained carpets, and scuffed or scratched hardwoods? They shouldn’t be! Newsflash, apartment people, we don’t like those things any more than you do, thank you very much.

clark the pit

Apartments that don’t allow pets, or set weight and breed restrictions, are in many cases costing an animal a home, and pets oftentimes find their way back to shelters because people can’t afford the cost of pet-friendly buildings. Of all the reasons for an animal to return to a cage, this has got to be one of the most unfortunate.

Nearly 55 million households in the U.S. own at least one dog according to the American Pet Products Association, and nearly 72% of renters alone own pets. That’s a lot of animals looking for a place to rest their heads, or maybe throw a ball around.


But while dog-friendly living is rising in popularity, it doesn’t mean renters won’t charge extra for the luxury of animal companionship. This means hefty pet deposits and often monthly fees in addition to the rent. For those lucky enough to find a great place for them and their best friends, it’s pretty much unanimous that it’s 100% worth it, but not everyone can stomach the cost.


As it stands, there’s a huge, growing market of of pet-loving humans, and no reason for renters to miss out.

I’ll take a dog park over a swimming pool or clubhouse any day.

H/t The Des Moines Register, Featured Image c/o kristab1/BarkFeed