Five Ridiculously Wealthy Dogs

Five Ridiculously Wealthy Dogs

“My dog is my family.”

Spend some time around any dog lover, and you’re bound to hear these lines uttered. Here at BarkPost HQ, we’re self-professed dog ruvers 4eva, and we’re no strangers to the idea that dogs are 100% part of the family. So, we won’t judge you if you include your precious pup in your will. Of course you’d want your squinky-faced Frito-pawed tail-wagging snugglebutt to be taken care of if something happens to you. We get it.

will dog

Apparently, so do the rich and famous. Lauren Bacall, the American actress and lifelong dog lover who recently passed away in her Manhattan home, left her dog Sophie $10,000 to ensure the pup would continue living the good life.

lauren bacall 3

And Sophie’s not alone. In fact, she might get a little jealous once she sees how many more bones were left to her pup peers.

1. Miami heiress Gail Posner’s Chihuahuas

miami heiress

Conchita and her two Chihuahua BFFs inherited owner Gail Posner’s seven-bedroom, $8.3 million Miami mansion. And that’s not all… they were also left a $3 million trust fund, so that the coddled canines would continue to live in luxury.

2. Real Estate Billionaire Leona Helmsley’s Maltese

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Spoiled pup Trouble (wonder how she got that name!) inherited $12 million from her owner when she died in 2007. A judge later chopped $10 million off the inheritance, leaving poor Trouble just $2 million to spend on treats and toys. So she took her money and retired to Florida like any other senior citizen, where a Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel manager reportedly spent $100,000 yearly on security alone to ensure Trouble’s safety after receiving death threats. Mo’ money, mo’ pawblems.

3. Brewery Heiress Diana Myrbugh’s Labrador-Doberman

Image via Sawse

Image via Sawse

This furry four-legged guy was found in a shelter by his loving owner, who left behind trust funds of $50,000 to each of her dogs (not pictured here is Jason the Whippet) so her son-in-law could look after them.

4. Star Trek Widow Majel Barrett-Roddenberry’s Pups

Image via BlogADog

Image via BlogADog

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s widow Majel Roddenberry wanted her pups to live long and prosper well after her death, so she arranged for a domestic employee to live in one of her multi-million dollar mansions with the dogs. A hefty $4 million was also set up as a residential trust for upkeep of the sweet crib.

5. Countess & Multi-Millionaire Karlotta Liebenstein’s Alsatian

german shepherd

No other dog knows wealth like Gunther IV. With a net worth of $373 million as of 2013, Gunther IV inherited his fortune from his father, Gunther III who inherited his wealth from his owner when she died in 1991. And thanks to some smart investments, the total keeps multiplying. This handsome pup owns a few homes, including the Miami mansion Madonna once lived in, and a villa in the Bahamas that comes with — get this — a butler!

And you thought your dogs were spoiled! 🙂

Featured image via Sodahead