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Your pup’s den-away-from-home doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, or boring! Here are some cool, cozy, and portable solutions that are perfect for the pup on the go.
Source: PAW
PAW Pet Pop-Up Playpen Deluxe ($39.95) This cool pen folds up into a carrying bag that makes it easy to store and carry. It keeps your pup contained and is fully washable.
MidWest Single Door Dog iCrate, 24-Inch, Pink ($28.91) Easy setup, and it's perfect for little dudes! Plus, hellooooo, it’s the perfect shade of pink!
Source: Advantek
Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel, 5' L X 5' W X 5’ H ($151.99) Gazebo? Oh yes. These easy-to-set-up modular shelters are weather resistant, and you can join together as many as you’d like for a cool pup village.
Source: Petnation
Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home (Starts at $35.91) This indoor/outdoor home has a strong steel frame wrapped in easy-to-clean mesh fabric. It’s available in six sizes to accommodate a range of pup sizes!
Source: OxGord
OxGord® 48” Portable Playpen/Travel Dog Crate/Tent ($39.95) Easy assembly, storage, and room for an extra pup or two!
Source: Pet Store
Pet Store Shady Portable Pet Kennel with Carry Case - Small ($41.91) This cool elevated shelter keeps pups protected from rain and sun. Plus it packs up like a camping chair for easy portability.
Source: Sportsman
Buffalo Tools Sportsman Portable Pet Kennel ($84.69) This kennel is perfect for bigger dogs! The water-resistant fabric is great for camping, home, or travel.
Source: MFPS
MFPS Portable Kennel/Crate For Small Animals (Starts at $19.99) Perfect for puppies, toy breeds, or other little bitty critters. Plus it looks like a spaceship.
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