12 More Dog Breed Names You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

12 More Dog Breed Names You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

A few months ago we brought you 19 of the toughest dog breed names to read, pronounce and frankly even comprehend. The comments from our readers were abundant and quite helpful – some of ya’ll really know your pups! In response we’ve collected even more crazy breed names and their proper pronunciations for your elocution enlightenment. Enjoy!

1. Shih Tzu

As common and beloved as this adorable, fluffy breed is, you’d think we’d be saying it correctly. Maybe some folks just like the fact that they can get away with swearing when they say S**t-Sue. I like curse words as much as the next pup ruver, but the actual pronunciation is Shee-Dzoo.


2. Bichon Frise

Another popular puff ball, the Bichon is known for its gorgeous white coat. According to Dictionary.comBee-shon Freeze is actually an acceptable pronunciation, as well as the traditional French Bee-shawn Free-zey.


3. Bernese Mountain Dog

This popular mis-pronunciation is less about difficult spelling and more about the fact that it sounds a heck of a lot like what you might call folks who hail from Burma. The Bernese Mountain Dog, however, hails from the Swiss Alps. So next time you run into one of these regal beauties, be sure to say Bur-Nees, not Bur-Mees!


4. Dogue de Bordeaux

If we’ve learned anything from Madonna, it’s the proper pronunciation of Vogue. Well, Dogue is spoken just the same. The rest of this wrinkly French Mastiff’s name is no picnic either, so here ya go – Dohg-duu-Bor-doe.


5. Norwich Terrier

This one had some debate circulating after our original pronunciation post came out. After some research it would seem that whether you are saying Nor-Witch or the traditional English Norridge – you are correct. Both are acceptable.


6. Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen
Oh boy! This is one that I’m still not sure I could say with confidence, even with the pronunciation in front of me! Puh-tee Bah-say Gree-fohn Von-day-uhn


7. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
It’s the last word that gives me some trouble in this one. I want to say – Pe-Ken-YO, but the correct way to say this scruffy little hound’s name is Por-cha-geez Poe-den-go Pe-ken-o


8. Berger Picard

I totally want to say this one just like it’s spelled because: A) I’m terrible at pronunciation, and B) Burgers and Captain Picard are two of my very favorite things. But, alas, the correct way to say this French herding breed’s name is Bare-zhay Pee-carr


9. Lagotto Romagnolo

This Italian pup’s name means “Lake Dog of Romagna” which is a sub-region of Italy. The words may look daunting, but the actual pronunciation is quite beautiful.  La-got-toe Rrrro-man-yolo 


10. Pekingese

There’s a bit of gray area here. Many folks pronounce this stubby, long-haired cutie’s name Pee-kuh-neez, and while they’re absolutely correct, the lesser used and often considered incorrect, Pee-king-eez is also acceptable as these pups were named for the Chinese capital city. Now known as Beijing to Westerners, we once referred to it as Peking.


11. Cesky Terrier

These vertically challenged pups bear a slight resemblance to Schnauzers and hail from Czechoslovakia, hence the pronunciation of their breed: Chess-Key Terrier


12. Kuvasz

The Z is silent in this Hungarian sheep herding pooch’s name. It’s pronounced Koo-vahs


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