12 Must-Haves For Dogless Dog Lovers Who Want To Celebrate Puppy Love

12 Must-Haves For Dogless Dog Lovers Who Want To Celebrate Puppy Love

Despite being the biggest dog lovers to roam this earth (I mean, we do read BarkPost), unfortunate circumstances have left many of us dogless. Of course, we pet our friends’ dogs and every pup that passes us on the street, but sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Save for actually heading to the shelter and adopting a dog (or dognapping your friend’s pupper), these must-haves are what every dogless dog lover needs to feel the puppy love.

1. Duck and Pomegranate Treats$7

I know what you’re thinking: Why do I need treats if I don’t have a dog? Dogs are drawn to treats, so carrying a few of these in your pocket or purse will have packs of pooches running over to you for pats and savory snacks. (Just make sure you ask their owner if it’s okay first!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.17.12 AM

2. “Wet Dog” by Sophie Gamand$22

Why bother feeling jealous of your friends who have to bathe their dogs when you can have more than 120 wet dogs at your fingertips? “Wet Dog” captures all the hilarity and adorableness of bath time sans the wet dog smell and water clean-up.

Wet Dog book

3. Verameat Single Poo Ring$40

Let this ring serve as a reminder that you get all the benefits of owning a dog by hanging out with other people’s without any of the, er, crappy downsides.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.52.18 AM

4. Buck German Shepherd Mask$30

If you can’t get an actual canine, why not just have someone pretend to be your pet? Sure, they may not be as fluffy as a real dog, but they also come pre-potty-trained and don’t need any new toys.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.57.11 AM

5. “In Dog Years I’m Dead” Hat$15

If you’re a sassy, dogless dog lover, this hat speaks volumes more than you ever could about your innermost personality.

in dog years I'm dead

6. Dog-Themed Best Friend Bracelets$20 each

Assuming that your best friend loves dogs as much as you do, these friendship bracelets are a great way for the two of you to outwardly express your fondness for canines, despite having none of your own. Plus, when you one day do adopt your first dog, you can also get him a matching charm for his collar.


7. Zen Dog Garden Sculpture$30-58

Without a dog to dig up your plants, you’ll have the best garden on the block. The only thing your garden needs now is these zen dogs, who will bring peace to you and your Carnations.

Zen Dog Garden Sculptures

8. Dog Lover Wall Art, $60

Not having a dog doesn’t make you any less of a dog lover. Declare your puppy love for every guest to see with this dogtastic, stylish wall art.


9. Pug Phone Case$10.57+

You may not have a real dog to admire, but a picture of a dog you can carry around on your phone seems like a pretty puptastic alternative (for now). Plus, every time you take out your phone, you’ll remind those around you of your love for dogs.


10. Tennis Ball Thank You Cards Set$17

The best way to show your gratitude to your friends who let you watch/pet/love their dogs is by sending them a dog-themed thank you card, obviously.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 3.03.12 PM

11. BarkTats$6

These temporary tattoos are a signal to dog owners everywhere that you will most definitely want to pet their dog.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 3.06.59 PM

12. “Thank You For Letting Me Pet Your Dog” Tote, $10

This bag says what every dogless dog lover is thinking every time they meet a new four-legged friend. A canvas speaks a thousand words!


Crazy Dogless Dog Lady feature image via @HallerAtYou/Instagram.