15 Things Small Dog Parents And Pups Can’t Live Without

15 Things Small Dog Parents And Pups Can’t Live Without

Small dog people are a breed of their own: we like a canine who can fit on our laps, in our bags, and, well, everywhere else. We may lead compact lives or simply prefer a compact pup, but what we lose in size we make up for tenfold in spirit and tenacity!

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It takes a special pup parent to wrangle the little guys, and they know just what gets their tongues waggin’ and legs twitchin’. From walks, to snooze-fests, to dinnertime, we just know what works. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Snuggle Sack, $16+

For the burrowers at heart — I’m looking at you, Doxies — the warm ‘n’ fleecy Snuggle Sack from Stuft provides all the joys of underground tunneling without the dirty paws. Plus, you never have to worry about accidentally sitting on a pile of blankets with your hidden pup inside.

pepper snuggle sack

2. Natural Leather Breakfast Toys, $7.99

These leather breakfast foods from the folks at Aussie Naturals are soft, durable, and adorable. Bonus points for also looking delicious, they’re great for small mouths and can stand up to even the feistiest chewers.

breakfast toys
3. Canvas Pet Tote, $160+

Owners of the Love Thy Beast tote rave about its simplicity and user-friendliness for riders and chauffeurs alike. With its water-resistant exterior, convenient head opening, and comfy straps, you won’t find yourself complaining about lugging your BFF on one shoulder.

louis yorkie
4. Skybox Booster Seat, $60

Oh, to be small enough for a carseat again. This cozy booster box from Kurgo is the ultimate in road trip comfort, and is especially important for your little guy or gal’s safety in the car. It’s got a clip to keep the pups in place, plus it’s cozy, collapsible, and, yes, washable, to handle any situation.

kurgo booster seat
5. Laguna Harness, $33+

Wildebeest knows their schtuff when it comes to pretty and functional designs. Harnesses are easier on your pup’s throat, and this one’s comfy for the duration of any walk or trip. Hello, micro-fleece lining and flexible fabric!

laguna harness
6. Reef Teacup Collar, $12

One of my all-time fave collar designers, Up Country has TONS of unique, pretty styles to choose from — and their own line of “teacup collars” for pups under 10 pounds. Say goodbye to humiliating Halloween costumes and reindeer antlers, too, because there’s an adorably perfect collar for every occasion.

seashell collar
7. Andi’s Famous Plush Dumplings, $16

You might find it difficult to actually give these to your dog, because they’re too cute! But Andi’s Famous Plush Dumplings are ideal for the tiny puppers of the world, as is their super-crinkly takeout box.

andis famous dumplings
8. PupStep Wood Pet Stairs, $99.99

Great for seniors pups and dogs who find it difficult to get around, a set of stairs to help your dog onto the bed or couch is equally useful for those with miniature legs. And who says they have to be bulky and plastic? You can blend these pretty wood steps into any decor, and then fold them away when you need the space.

solvit wood steps

9. Buster ActivityMat Starter Set, $69

If you have a food-crazy hound on your hands, the Buster ActivityMat is a no-brainer for boredom. This set comes with three starter activities, which challenge your pup with puzzles of various difficulty to reach the treats on the inside. The best part? There are SO many more activities to add to your collection!

buster activity mat
10. K-9 Float Coat, $79.95

Equally as important for small dogs as for large, a good quality life jacket could mean the difference between fun and disaster at your next pool party. Dogs with shorter, tinier legs (like Dachshunds and Chihuahuas) are not built for swimming no matter how much they’d like to try. Now they can have at it in the water, and you can relax knowing they’re safe and afloat.

k9 float coat
11. Mini Bacon Dental Chew, $11

The GENIUSES at Benebone know how to do the chew. Their unique shapes and delicious flavors provide a long-lasting treat that curves up from the ground, so there’s no difficulty getting the perfect grip for gnawing.

mini bacon chew
12. Fun Feeder Mini, $14.99

Slow feeder bowls are a must-have for the pups whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs, and their mouths not quite big enough for their bites. Eating too quickly means your dog might take in too much air with their kibble, and could result in some tummy upset. Slow them down with the Fun Feeder from Outward Hound, and rest easy knowing they won’t be so gassy later on. If only they made these for us humans.

fun feeder mini
13. NYC Roasted Duck Jerky Bites, $8

No Grainers dog treats are a personal favorite of mine, but the duck jerky bites are the ideal size for tiny mouths. They even pair great with puzzle toys and maze games to give those active minds a job to do.

no grainers jerky treats
14. Ruff-Tex Hamlet The Pig Toy, $6.95+

The Ruff-Tex collection from HuggleHounds is probably unlike most toys you’ve seen before. They’ve got the stuffing of a plushie with the natural rubber exterior of a more durable toy, for longer-lasting fun and a little less shredding.

hugglehounds ruff tex pig
15. Bowsers Donut Bed, $69.99

Gorgeous, tough, and built to last, Bowsers beds come in a variety of styles and designs. The “donut” shape is a favorite among smaller dogs, especially those who like to curl up and feel safe. You can find a bed you won’t have to hide when guests come over, and the round cushion on the bottom can be removed and placed wherever your pup likes to lie.

bowsers donut bed

Check out all the cool items to add to your small-dog wonderland over at The BarkShop!

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