18 Must-Haves For Pom Moms And Pom Pops

18 Must-Haves For Pom Moms And Pom Pops

Pomeranians are pretty fashionable little guys – I mean, they literally always have a perfect blowout. So how can you match your pup’s posh runway walk? These items are pawfect for Pom Moms and all lovers of the foxy little fluffbutts.

1. Car Decal (Etsy, $7)

car decal

Be loud and proud about your pup – make sure everyone driving behind you knows about your Pom.

2. Wall Clock (Etsy, $24)

pom clock

What time is it? Half past the fluffy butt.

3. Laptop Decal (Etsy, $10)

laptop decal

You are guaranteed to get smiles at the cafe when you pull out your laptop and this happy guy is on it!

4. Coffee Mug (CafePress, $10)

pom mug

This mug says it all! Sip coffee with your best friend and take your best “mug” shot.

5. Cookie Cutter (Etsy, $6+)

pom cookie cutter

Make cookies in the shape of your Pom and then make POM cookies in the shape of your pom. She may not care about the form of her cookie, but they will be pretty darn cute.

6. Pillow (Etsy, $29+)

dog pillow

Rest your head on a Pom while your Pom rests their head on you.

7. Nail decals (Etsy, $4)

pom nails

These nail decals are showstoppers – you’ll definitely never find anyone with the same manicure.

8. Pom Earrings (Etsy, $40)

pom earrings

Pretty Pom Moms need pretty silver earrings!

9. Journal (Etsy, $9)

pom notebook

Write all your deepest, darkest secrets or maybe just your grocery list in this adorable notebook.

10. Socks (Amazon, $6)

pom socks

While your pup might be your best foot warmer, these cozy socks will keep your tootsies warm when your Pom isn’t around.

11. Straightforward Tee (Etsy, $26+)

dog tee

For those who are straight-to-the-point.

12. Cozy Sweater (Etsy, $38)

dog sweater

This sweater is proven to be super comfy (bought it for my sister for Christmas!) The inside is almost as soft as a Pom’s fur.

13. Wedding Topper (Etsy, $17+)

wedding topper

For the hopeless romantics who want to include their four-legged friend in their special day.

14. Phone Case (Etsy, $18+)

phone case

Trendy Pom Moms can answer important calls while showing off their love for their pup.

15. Necklace (Etsy, $19+)


Simple and classic, this necklace will be a great conversation piece.

16. Wall Sign (Etsy, $25+)

pom sign

Warn all your houseguests of the impending attack of the poof!

17. Bag (Etsy, $39)

pom bag

This GIANT Pomeranian face will not only make a statement but will also carry all your things. Including your dog – can you say Pomception?!

18. Princess Portrait (Etsy, $10)

pet portrait

Perfect for the Pom Mom who wants a little fancy artwork for her home, and also has a great sense of humor.

Featured Image via @PomeranianWorld / Instagram