14 Adorable Items That Show Off Your Mixed Breed Pride

14 Adorable Items That Show Off Your Mixed Breed Pride

What’s better than one dog? Two dogs! And what’s just over-the-top pawesome? Three or four dogs, obviously. That’s why today, we’re celebrating our marvelous mutts, the hybrid honeys that are the products of multiple breeds. They truly are in a class of their own, which is why we’ve selected a handful of classy items that owners can use to show off their mixed breed pride.

1. Parisian Dish Towels, $18

This whimsical kitchen accessory is adorned with a troupe of sophisticated mutts. You know, the ones who collect bottles of Bordeaux, shop at Hermes, and…urinate on the Eiffel Tower?


2. Puggle Silhouette, $19

We can see why this Puggle has his nose in the air—he’s handmade from floral Japanese yuzen paper!


3. Goldendoodle Necklace, $28

The best way to express your love for your pup is clearly with 14 karat gold, and this antique-inspired trinket does just that. It’s also subtle enough that you can wear it everyday, so your doodle doesn’t get a complex.


4. Shorkie Pop Art Phone Case, $16.99

Anyone who owns a shih-tzu-yorkie knows it’s the little things in life that matter most 😉 So add a little pizazz to your second favorite handheld accessory. (The case fits most smartphones.)


5. Mutt Nail Stickers, $2.65

If you love dogs and have ten fingers, (give or take a few), you NEED these nail decals. There are so many mutt mugs to choose from, it’s almost impawssible to decide. But one thing’s for certain: leave the St.Bernard/Great Dane face for your thumb.


6. Custom Maltipoo Pillow Cover, $68

This designer dog deserves designer decor. Duh. I’ve run out of words that start with “D”, or maybe this custom-made, appliqué pillow has just left me speechless.


7. I Like Rescue Dogs Tote Bag, $16

This effortless tote bag, decorated with mutts of all shapes and sizes, is big enough to hold all your classy accoutrements, including your cashmere scarf, monogrammed leather wallet, and sterling silver fountain pen.


8. Labradoodle Shower Curtain, $68

Labradoodles are one of the smartest and silliest breed out there, so they’ll appreciate the play-on-words on this customizable shower curtain. Heck, it might even inspire them to take a bath! (Please don’t quote me on that.)


9. “Mutts Have More Fun” Greeting Cards, $4

And ain’t it that truth? They’re not all uppity like purebreds, and chances are one of their parents was a party animal.


10. Yorkipoo Cake Toppers, $15

The bride yorkipoo is dressed in a white chenille gown with a glitter bedazzled veil; the groom a black satin bow tie and a cummerbund. It doesn’t get classier than this.


11. Cockapoo Golf Club Head Cover, $63.48

They say golf is a gentleman’s game, but it’s also for ladies of leisure. Either way, this personalized head cover will let everyone know that your cockatoo is as beloved as your short game.


12. Puggle Throw Pillow, $20+

This pillow nails that classic puggle look. With a Tuscan yellow background, it will look fetching on your 18th-century divan.


13. Custom Mixed Breed Portait, $40

The artist behind these portraits says, “mixed breeds are not ‘mutts.’ They are a unique collection of a few breeds, proudly rolled into one amazing dog!” We couldn’t agree more! Now you know your personalized edition will be made with a lot of love.


14. Cockapoo Pouch, $8.50

Ok, so its name might not be that enticing, but this adorable mutt has the face of an angel, and it belongs on this heavenly little purse.


Featured image via Peace. Love. Paws.