30 Marvelous Gifts For The Mystical Pup Parent

30 Marvelous Gifts For The Mystical Pup Parent

Maybe you read your horoscope diligently. Or, maybe you like a little bit of the magic in your every day life. Whatever your interests may be, for entertainment or guiding your inner self, these magical and mystical gifts will make pups and pup parents revel in delight. 🌙 ⭐️

Disclaimer: Note, when using products such as essential oils, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian and apply small, diluted amounts (ex: mix with coconut or olive oil). Avoid eyes, nose, anal, and genital areas. For more information on essential oils and pets, go here.

1. The Original Dog Tarot ($11.41)

Want insight into your pup’s inner world? Look no further than a tarot reading for present and future musings and predictions.

dog tarot

2. Moon Dreamcatcher ($40)

Put a dreamcatcher over your pup’s bed to ensure some bright and pawsitive dreams.

moon dreamcatcher

3. Minimalist Dreamcatcher ($45)

Or, select this style for daily dreaming.

moon and feather dream catcher

4. Zodiac Dog Collar ($12+)

Now, your dog can wear all of the astrology star signs on the daily.

zodica constellation collar

5. Galaxy Print Dog Bandana ($8+)

Because we are all made of stardust, even your pup.

galaxy print dog bandana

6. Black Moon Cycle Dog Leash ($26+)

For moon lovers and Diana the goddess of the moon.

black moon cycle dog leash

7. Wizard Hats Dog Collar ($20)

Yer a wizard, Harry.

wizard collar

8.Friendship Pillar Candle For Faithfulness, Loyalty, And Protection ($9.95+)
Light this candle to set pawsitive intentions for you and your pup!

loyalty candle

9. Magic Wand Dog Tag ($34+)

I’m pretty sure my dog cast a spell on me. Why not emblazon your dog with a magic wand tag?

magic dog tag

10. Pug As Gandalf The Wizard Patch ($12)

I think it’s imperative that all Pug owners iron this patch onto a sweet scarf for their pups or themselves!

pug gandalf

11. Mischief Managed Bandana ($5)

Adorable and perfect for pups that are a wee bit (or a whole lot) mischievous.

harry potter bandana

12. Dog Protection Spell Kit ($15.99)

Set positive intentions and protection for your dog and faithful companion.

dog protection spell

13. Golden Buddha Sculpture ($20)

Meditate to gain inner zen and you’ll have a wag-nificent life!

buddha dog

14. Calming Aromatherapy Dog Collar ($20)

This is a perfect tool to supplement training anxious dogs and puppies.

aromatherapy dog collar

15. Complete Set Of Magick Hamster Essential Oils ($25)

While this certainly benefits humans, the oils can also help pups for calming and relaxation.

magick hamster

16. Moonstone ($4.75)

Let’s talk about stones. They can be seen as good luck charms, healing amulets, tokens, and other symbols. Use moonstone for protection, love, wishes, peace and harmony.


17. Opalite ($4.75)

Opalite is associated peace, serenity, transition, strength, knowledge communication. This would be a strong addition to calming essential oils.


18. Carnelian Heart ($4)

Carnelian not only serves as a symbol for peace, but also healing and courage.


19. Quartz ($4)

Quartz is the ultimate power stone. It is used for protection, healing, and mediation. Quartz and carnelian could be used in tandem to help a pup cope with living with a new family, leaving a shelter, or just for some extra love.


20. Tarot Reading With Tif ($1/min or $8+)

Tiffany offers a variety of spreads for dog owners and pups on emotional states and communication.

tarot tif

21. Cosmic Canines: The Complete Astrology Guide For You And Your Dog ($16.44)
Now, you and your pup can make astrology charts together!

cosmic canines

22. Magic 8 Ball ($7.99)

As your dog questions with the Magic 8 Ball for some play time fun and cute head tilts. Will you only chew up my left shoes? It is decidely so.

magic 8 ball

23. Krystal Ball: Pet Psychic By Ruby Ann Phillips ($5.25)

For the little pup family members, kids interested in pets and communicating will gobble up this series.

krystal ball

24. Magic Frenchie Dog Sticker, 3 For 2. ($7.50)

These stickers are obviously life changing. Dazzle your laptop, notebooks, phone cases, and more.

frenchie sticker

25. Expecto PETronum! Harry Potter Bandana ($10+)

Even your dog can be Harry Pawtter inspired with magic.

harry potter bandana 2

26. Psychic Reading: Animal Communication For 3 Questions ($25)

Feeling lucky? Ask The Mermaid Psychic three questions for insights on your dog’s behavior, temperament, and messages he/she might have.

pet psychic

27. Magical Custom Pet Portraits ($37.35)

These beautiful and ethereal portraits give any dog the magic vibes.

magic pet portraits

28. Artemis Greek Goddess Print ($18)

In Greek mythology, Artemis is known as the protector of animals and the young.

artemis 1

29. Artemis Greek Goddess Print ($16)

Another stunning portrait, perhaps it would go well near the dreamcatcher?

artemis 2

30. Schnauzer Totem Bracelet ($32)

Wear this Schnauzer charm totem to have companionship and love be symbolic wherever you go.

dog totem jewelry

Featured image via Making Things Happen, Amazon, and AuraRosesTreasures.