17 Dogs Who Can’t Talk About National Napping Day Right Now, They’re Busy

17 Dogs Who Can’t Talk About National Napping Day Right Now, They’re Busy

Rejoice, humans! For while you might be at work and not likely to get in on this Day O’ Naps (I am sorry, truly), your dog is taking FULL advantage. Just like he does every day. Because he’s a dog and napping is like, way up there on the list of priorities.

In celebration of this snooze-fest, we’ve rounded up a bunch of pups who just don’t get what all the fuss is about!

1. They’re still torn up at being voted “Most Likely To Fall Asleep In Class” by their peers.

We should be the spokespugs for "National Napping Day." #nationalnappingday #pug

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2. Please sir, your cinnamon bun tail and intense snoozing is a little too much to handle.

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3. “I pretend to be asleep so you can’t move anywhere else.”

4. Someone please tell these puppies this isn’t allowed. They’re gonna give someone a heart attack with all that cute.

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5. “People ask me how I’m always smiling—I tell them it’s the beauty sleep.”

6. Napping intensifies with age.

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7. Sleep: helping dogs bury the hatchet since the beginning of time.

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8. “I like-a my nook. I like-a my snuggles. I like-a you to leave me alone.”

9. They don’t call it beauty sleep because of the way you look WHILE you’re sleeping…

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10. The Febreze was just too good to be true.

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11. For dogs, most things are beds. For puppies, everything is a bed.

12. Surveys show naps are the number one excuse to let it all hang out.

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13. This is just another great reason to take adorable pictures of your dog sleeping. Wait, that’s every day.

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14. The perfect bedhead takes a lot of effort, you know.

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15. “If I fits, I sleeps.”

16. “Doreen are you serious? I literally asked for five more minutes.” #thenerve

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17. Friends make the best pillows—dogs are even better.

Now go forth and nap!

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