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As easy to use as other well-known dating apps, Tindog brings you the swipe-left or -right convenience of Tinder.
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First, find a pup and a parent that intrigue you.
Source: PhoneArena
Once you've found a pair you like (or your dog likes) you can swipe accordingly.
Source: PhoneArena
Once you've made your pick, Tindog cares of the rest.
Source: PhoneArena
Now it's time to introduce your pup! And yourself of course! Download Tindog today!
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New Dating App Will Introduce You To Someone Your Dog Will Approve

The first step in determining whether a potential S.O. is worthy, is to introduce them to your dog. But look who I’m telling.

Now imagine a dating app that kind of takes care of that first step for you. Tindog is designed to help dog people find other dog people. So when you meet someone on Tindog, at least you know there’s a dog somewhere that already loves them. 🙂

Featured image via Dog Channel