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1. Stand next to a hooman, let them pet you and their stress will fly away- A study done by Virginia Commonwealth University showed that dogs take the worry out of the workforce when employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work.
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2. Doges are better than Obamacare- Ok, paw-litical jabs aside, it is true that dogs improve health (like cutting your person's risk for the common cold). Dog barks, ""Low-cost wellness benefit"", human says, ""YES!""
3. Paws hold the key to workplace peace...- ...becaaaause a 2010 study by the University of Michigan found that just having a dog in the office, walking around, lying down, even NOT DOING ANYTHING helped workers to collaborate better.
4. Floppy Ears Make People Talk Good- Better communication happens when dogs are around. Because...
5. ...Dogs vaporize social awkwardness better than a light saber- Don't know what to say? Pet the dog. Want to meet someone? Send the office dog. Can't quite figure out how to phrase, ""that's a bad idea"" diplomatically? Buy some time by petting some fur. Dogs are office ice-breaker extraordinaires.
6. If it's good enough for Google...- And Ben & Jerry's. And Amazon. And Procter & Gamble. All of these successful, game-changing companies allow dogs to roam the halls, inspiring their employees. What better role model can you get than a Fortune 500 company?
7. Dogs keep things neater than Adrian Monk - If you can't get a roomba for the office, a dog is the next best thing. In all seriousness, dogs also help keep nasty pests away. While they may not have the rep cats have, I know a few terriers that teach mice, rats, and other small nuisances their place. Good-bye calls to the exterminator.
8. Furleaders boost morale better than Torrence in Bring It On- Studies have found that offices that allow dogs report that employee satisfaction goes up in a major way. Dogs=happy is an equation that seems obvious but always is worth repeating :)
9. Pawductivity will unleash itself to new levels- You better believe it. They make employees take breaks while ALSO encouraging longer workdays because employees tend to stay later if their dog is by their side.
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10. It's really a furgone conlusion- In the end, add up one through ten and you get workers who are more energized, happier to be at work, better at working together and more creative. What's not to ruv? Make sure if you are going to let your office go to the dogs to consult everyone in case of allergies, phobias, and preferences, institute a firm canine good-behavior policy, and dog proof! Once that's done, everyone can be working happily away in doge bliss. :)
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10 Scientific Lessons To Convince Your Paw-ffice To Go Dog Friendly

It’s true, not every office is the Bark Box office (pause for a moment to contain howls of envy). But that doesn’t mean your workplace CAN’T be transformed into a doge haven. The key is convincing your boss that the office needs a Canine Assistant to lend a paw to macro the HECK out of those spreadsheets.

Here are 10 brilliant, scientific and overall excellent ways to convince the Big Dog that the pawfect cubicle is the one that includes wagging tails and doge smiles.

Feature image via Barkbox