An Open Love Letter To My Future Adopted Dog

An Open Love Letter To My Future Adopted Dog

Dear Pup,

You don’t know me yet, and I don’t know you. But I already know that you’re perfect for me. You’re going to help me in ways that I never knew I could be helped, and I hope that I can help you too.

Somehow, your innocent being was left homeless and alone. I will never understand the cruelty of some humans. The kindred spirit of having a dog in the family is just the same as having another human. Four legs or two, there is no excuse to leave anyone behind. I hereby promise to treat you not only as a family member, but also as my best friend.

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Now I’ve got to tell you, being my best friend comes with some responsibilities. I am holding you responsible for coming over and asking for pats and cuddles when I am feeling sad. When I’m having a bad day, I’m going to really need you to step up your kisses game, and vice versa. When my anxiety is particularly bad, I just ask that you sit beside me until it passes.

But don’t worry, you will receive proper payment in return. I promise you will never go a night without a full food dish, and a warm bed. And that is just the start. We will walk every day and find new corners of this beautiful city to explore together. You will often get treats “just because.” Sometimes, we may travel together and take on new adventures outside of New York. We will snuggle on stormy nights and frolic in the park on sunny afternoons. Together, we’re going to take on the world!

You may roll your doggy eyes when I say this, but I really need you. I’ve wished for you on every birthday candle that I can remember. That’s a lot of birthday candles. And that’s not even counting the fallen eyelash wishes or shooting star wishes or coin-in-the fountain wishes. Heck, even the Trevi Fountain knows how much I need you!

Some people say I’m totally crazy. I’m young and living in a big city. They ask me why I’d want to adopt you and have to take care of someone else at the time of life that it should be all about me. But that’s just the thing. There is nothing stopping me from going out and enjoying everything that life hands me. It just so happens that I will be doing it with my partner-in-crime beside me.

I have your treats. Your toys are already around my house, waiting for you to find them. The cupboard is full of your food and your dog bowl reads “best friend.” I’m ready to allow you to own my heart, and I will be putty in your paws. You’ve been abandoned, but now you’ve been found, and I’m ready to give you all the love that you’ve always deserved.

Tomorrow is a big day for both of us. I can’t sleep because I’m anxious about meeting you. I cried when I got the email that said you’d be mine. I cried when I had my phone number printed under your name on your new tag. And now I’m crying because you’re not here yet. The thing is, you’ve been my dream forever, and now it’s coming true. If you had fingers, I’d ask you to pinch me.

Get ready to live large, my furry friend.

Until we meet,