Some of the Best Forgotten Dog Commercials of All Time

Some of the Best Forgotten Dog Commercials of All Time

In these glorious days of DVR and everything On Demand, we’ve grown accustomed to pressing that glorious fast forward button to bypass those pesky commercials. Except, we’ve discovered, when there are adorable dogs involved.

Throw in a shot of our four-legged friends, and we’re pretty much guaranteed to buy anything (except for kitty litter, duh.) To give you a little taste of what we’re talking about, check out this list of our favorite commercials starring some of the cutest dogs ever. Also be sure to check out the post on the best Super Bowl commercials featuring pups.

Subaru: Best Friend

Such brilliant work from Subaru! This commercial features an adorable chocolate lab puppy who grows up alongside his owner as he goes from bachelor to boyfriend to dad. It has it all: woods, a log cabin, an adorable kid and a really cute dog. Oh, and apparently a highly reliable car.

Taco Bell: “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”

You can’t forget one of the most iconic dog commercial stars ever. When did the ’90s become retro?

Beneful: Dog Goldberg Machine

There’s almost nothing more satisfying than watching a puppy Goldberg machine in one shot.

Bud Light: “Weego”

So while we certainly don’t encourage working dogs this hard, the rescue pup in this Bud Light ad is totally irresistible. We wonder how many people named their dogs “Weego” the year this came out…

Guinness: Round Up Your Mates

Thank Guinness this pup can get all of the blokes in the pub on time.


Cesar: Love Them Back

Make sure you have Kleenex nearby before watching this one. Despite not a single word (or bark!) being uttered throughout the whole clip, this commercial manages to say so much with so little.

Frolic Complet: Biscuits

Dogs can be so dirty sometimes. 😉

ThinkBox: Every Home Needs a Harvey

This is one media-savvy pup, who clearly understands the value of differentiating yourself in the rescue-pup marketplace.

Budweiser: Rocky, Dog Style

Budweiser sure does love puppehs in their ads. 🙂


Veterinary Pet Insurance: Bro Dog Commercial
“If your dog could take care of himself, he would.” Yes. And then your house would be filled with tennis balls, edible kitty litter and personal belly scratchers.

Doritos: Little Girl vs. Dog

Note: We do not condone or encourage throwing dogs (or any living creatures for that matter) out of a car window. That being said, this commercial is pretty hilarious.

Pedigree: Slomo Dogs

Shot with a 1000 frame-per-second Phantom camera, this commercial is insanely pawsome.