This Boxer Is Battling Litterbugs, One Piece Of Garbage At A Time

This Boxer Is Battling Litterbugs, One Piece Of Garbage At A Time

Ever since 9-year-old Boxer Paris was a tiny pup, she has insisted on picking up bottles, cans, cardboard, and even wood on her walks. Her mom, Fran Hodges, is proud that Paris has channeled her obsession for snatching items in a way that helps the environment.

At the end of their walks, Paris will drop her latest trophy at the base of the recycling bin near their home for her mom to put into the proper receptacle.



Paris is dedicated to keeping the streets of her Bodmin, Cornwall neighborhood tidy. No matter where she is when she locates a recyclable item, she will steadfastly carry it all the way home. According to her Facebook page, Paris’ Wombling Page – One Dog Against the Litterbugs, she will occasionally allow Hodges to carry a particularly cumbersome piece of litter—like this empty baked bean can.



Side Note: For those of you that don’t already know (like me), a Womble is a fictional creature from a book series and BBC children’s show. They help the environment by collecting and recycling trash in unique ways.

The Wombles

Paris has become quite a celebrity among Hodges’ friends and colleagues. They even suggested that Paris lend her recycling services to the cleanup effort in Mullion, Cornwall, where nearly 500 pink detergent bottles mysteriously washed ashore. For now, Paris and Hodges are content to do their part in their own community.


Watch Paris in action in this adorable video, and remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

H/t Metro, Featured Image via Paris’ Wombling Page/Facebook