10 Dog-Obsessed Artists Who Make Gorgeous Pup Art

10 Dog-Obsessed Artists Who Make Gorgeous Pup Art

If you’re dying to get your paws on some one of a kind puptastic dog art these artists will definitely get your tails waggin! Whether you’re into street style doggies, mixed media pooches, or traditional painted puppies this list of artists is far from ordinary. Some of them even offer commissioned pieces such as Jo Chambers & Sally Muir. Everyone’s mantle needs a portrait of their four legged bestie!

1. Madsteez

Mark Paul Deren aka Madsteez aka Mr. Ween is a multi-faceted artist/designer based in California. Madsteez is known for his “vivid, large-scale, multi-layered paintings, where strange and familiar figures are integrated into abstract landscapes.” He has two Wiener Dogs that are often used as his subjects & most of his art has some sort of reference to the wonderful world of Weenies!

Madsteez Art

2. Sally Muir

I love UK based artist, Sally Muir’s classic dog art style. Sally claims she got into painting dogs accidentally. She used to paint her children frequently and the dogs were always getting into the frame. Then the dogs took over and the people started commissioning more dogs than people! Sally states that she still paints people but it’s mostly people with dogs together. The best combo.

Sally Muir Dog Art Sally Muir Dog Art

3. 8 lb Pooch

Goldie is the muse for 8LB POOCH, a fashion collage project created by designer & Goldie’s human, Klee Van Schoonhoven. Goldie is an 8 lb super model Chihuahua living in Brooklyn, NY. Since it’s debut on Instagram, 8LB POOCH has launched Goldie to fame and “given fans everywhere more than just a laugh — it’s served as the best kind of fashion reality check,” states Klee via the Huffington Post. Fashion is always better with a pooch!

4. Melissa Dettloff

Melissa Dettloff is a designer, illustrator & printmaker based in Detroit. Dettloff’s colorful hand screen-printed cards are wooftastic & frame worthy!

Melissa Dettloff Melissa

5. David Hockney

David Hockney is an legendary English painter based in London. He was an important contributor to the Pop Art movement of the 1960s & is considered one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century. In 1993 Hockney created a series called Dog Days where he created 84 illustrations of his Dachshunds, Stanley and Boodgie. “I make no apologies for the apparent subject matter. These two dear little creatures are my friends. They are intelligent, loving, comical, and often bored. They watch me work; I notice the warm shapes they make together, their sadness and their delights. And, being Hollywood dogs, they somehow seem to know that a picture is being made,”David Hockney.

David Hockney David Hockney

6. William Wegman

William Wegman is an American artist best known for creating series of creative work involving dogs, primarily his own Wiemaraners, Bobbin, Candy, Flo & Topper in various costumes & poses. Wegman has made a career around Weimaraner imagery including some high fashion campaigns with brands such as Acne & Trussardi where for the first time he worked with Greyhounds instead of Weimaraners. “Dogs’ personalities shine through in front of the camera,” Wegman says. “You really fall in love with them taking their pictures. You learn so much about them.”

William Wegman William Wegman

7. Michel Keck

Michel Keck, is a self-taught, abstract painter from the mid-west. Keck has a variety of styles but my favorite are her contemporary mixed media collage art pieces. Keck creates colorful portraits of various breeds of fuzz butts including the Chihuahua, Basset Hound, Great Dane, Corgi, Poodle & many more!

Michel Keck Michel Keck

8. Rafael Mantesso

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Rafael Mantesso’s collaborative art featuring his Bull Terrier, Jimmy. On Rafael’s thirtieth birthday, his wife left him. Rafael & Jimmy were left alone in a completely empty white apartment. With only Jimmy for company, Rafael found inspiration in his blank walls and his best friend and started snapping photos of Jimmy around the home. Then on a whim Rafael grabbed a marker & started drawing scenes around Jimmy on the white space behind him. Jimmy brought inspiration & creativity back into Rafael’s life & the result has been a phenomenal series of charming and cheeky images chronicling Rafael & Jimmy’s relationship and adventures. Rafael recently published a book featuring the series with 100 new & classic images. This should be on all dog lover’s must read list!

Jimmy The Bull Jimmy The Bull

9. Hannah Parr

Berlin based artist Hannah Parr’s series of pups painted on wood are doggone fantastic. The textures & colors she creates are pawfect! Hannah states that she loves to paint animals & dogs in particular. She claims that she never tires of “observing and celebrating their wonderfully evident personalities.” How could you?! Dogs are creatures you will never ever get sick of!

Hannah Parr Art Hannah Parr Art

10. Jo Chambers

Jo Chambers is best known for her custom portraits of dogs (and cats!). She also creates beautiful embroidered pieces & custom canine themed floral patterns. In between her commissioned work she sells pup inspired stationary and prints via her Etsy shop. For a daily dose of Jo’s colorful poochies follow her on Instagram. Her feed is guaranteed to brighten your day!

Chambers Jo ArtChambers Jo Art