dog comfort feat
Source: Giphy
1. “Don’t mope! I ruv you with all my heart” #Kisses
Source: Simon Clarke
2. “I don’t care about money or things or even food as long as I can be with you.”
Source: M Magazine
3. "A kiss to make it better."
4. "I won't complain when you snore. I'll embrace it."
Source: Giphy
5. “You want me to be the big spoon? I’ll happily do it!”
6. “I’ll miss you when we aren’t together…”
7. “…And show you how excited I am to see you”
Source: Highterate
8. "I'll comfort you when you're sick."
Source: Giphy
9. “I won’t judge you when you’re being silly or stupid. I’ll join you instead, so we can be silly together.”
Source: Giphy
10. “…and do everything I can to make you laugh.”
Source: Giphy
11. “Your family, is my family. I’ll love them, like you do.”
Source: Giphy
12. “I’ll explore the world with you…”
Source: Giphy
13. “…or stay inside and binge watch YOUR favorite shows.”
Source: We Heart It
14. “In short, I’ll love you with ALL MY HEART until I can love no more.”
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14 Dogs Who Prove That Life And Love Are A Lot Better With A Pup By Your Side

Love. Is. Hard. Especially when you’ve had your heart broken numerous times. After all, there are only so many ways to fix a broken heart. Plus, it becomes harder each time to love again…

…so why not let these wonderful, loving, kind, sweet, devoted, and genuine pups get you on the path to opening up your heart again?

Featured image via Ba-Ba Mail