Photographer Helps Us See His “Tiny” Dachshund The Way She Sees Herself

Photographer Helps Us See His “Tiny” Dachshund The Way She Sees Herself

All us dog lovers know it’s not the size that counts—our dogs are larger than life in our eyes. And the same is true for Vivian the Miniature Dachshund. Sure, to you and me she may be a tiny little hot dog, but Vivian’s always believed she’s a giant and that she can take on the world. Now her owner, photographer Mitch Boyer, is helping us see it her way.

Boyer has been posting pictures of himself and his adorable Dachshund taking on the city, but Vivian doesn’t look like your typical Dachshund. She’s a giant!

“A few months ago I started photoshopping images of my Dachshund, Vivian in her ‘true size,'” Boyer wrote on Bored Panda. “She has a larger than life personality and I wanted to capture it in picture.”

Boyer explained that he’s known Vivian her whole life. His sister’s dog Gogo had a litter of puppies; Boyer came over the next day and met Vivian, and the rest was history.

Boyer and Vivian have been together ever since and have lived in four states, five cities, and 10 different homes. Finally, they landed in Brooklyn. Since then, Boyer has been taking these photos.

“Vivian thinks she is just as big as the city we live in,” Boyer explained.

Now Vivian’s big personality is starting a movement. Because she and Boyer have moved around a lot, they’ve teamed up to write the children’s book Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn to show that moving doesn’t have to be such a big, scary thing. The book will feature all of Vivian’s giant pictures and is all about her adventures moving into the city.

See, Vivian had assumed she’d meet more giant dogs when she got to Brooklyn, so she gets upset when she learns she’s the only giant wiener dog in New York City. The book, according to its Kickstarter, is about “a big dog moving to the ‘big city,’ made to help kids (and adults) deal with giant-sized changes.” If Vivian can deal with being the only giant Dachshund in the whole city, moving doesn’t have to be so bad.

Featured image via IAmVivianTheDog/Instagram
H/T: deMilked and Bored Panda