5 Precious Poodle Mutts You Didn’t Know Existed

5 Precious Poodle Mutts You Didn’t Know Existed

You’ve heard of the Labradoodle and the Cockapoo, but what about all the other Poodle mixes that exist in the world? Our resident pawffice Doodle Monty, a rescue from Animal Haven, is an unusual mix between a Poodle and, what we think is either a Newfie or a giant black bear. Seriously. He’s not even full grown and The Lakers should seriously consider recruiting him to be their next star center forward.

Everyone asks if I'm still growing, so I thought I'd do a #tbt to when I was a little 10 week old puppy #growingpup

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In honor of his Muttnificence Monty, here are some of our favorite lesser-known Doodle mixes!

1. Bernedoodle

As the owner of a 1-year-old Bernedoodle, I can attest that they are the perfect dog for any family. A mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, these dogs are loving, playful, and loyal, and they will never say no to a glob of peanut butter.

2. Poochin

The Poochin is a cross between a Poodle and a Japanese Chin and is just as adorable as you’d expect. Most owners with Poochins report them to be good with kids, cats, and fellow dogs, so you’ll have little to worry about if you or your pup encounter a Poochin at the dog park. These doodles are known to be reserved, happy dogs, so be ready to cuddle a Poochin at any given moment.

3. Pootalian

Unlike other doodles, this cross between a Poodle and an Italian Greyhound does not have the signature Poodle afro, but that doesn’t make it any less adorable. These hybrids are on the smaller side and have wiry coats more like a Terrier than a Poodle, and they love to stay indoors and play a game of fetch.

4. Whoodle

The Whoodle, a cross between a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle are quiet, obedient and their intelligence also makes them easy to train.

5. Siberpoo

You won’t believe your eyes (or theirs) when you see the standard Poodle face with those unmistakable Husky blue eyes! The Siberpoo or Huskydoodle is a large crossbreed who loves a big yard and lots of room to play. Unlike some other Doodle mutts, the Siberpoo has unmistakable traces of both a Poodle and a Siberian Husky.

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