Ohhhhhh 💩! We’re Giving Away 1000 Boxes of Poop Bags

Ohhhhhh 💩! We’re Giving Away 1000 Boxes of Poop Bags

It’s been an exciting few months here in the BARK offices because we recently started selling some pup essentials in addition to all of the toys and treats we ship out in the BarkBoxes each month. To celebrate this launch, we’re giving away free boxes of our eco-friendly, super punny Poop Pun Poop Bags on Amazon!

Want some free poop bags for yourself? All you have to do to get a box is to follow these instructions…

Click here to buy: BARK Poop Pun Poop Bags


When we were designing these bags, we wanted to make poop bags that were funny as well as utilitarian (easy to tear, can’t feel the poop, durable). Most importantly, they’re earth-friendly, made with the same EPI technology as those green Earth Rated bags everyone loves! Except, you know, ours are more fun. Duh.

The Poop Pun Poop Bags come in 2 styles: Pug Life and Poopaganda. Here is one of the jokes on the Poopaganda pack.

What are you waiting for? Get your free poop bags today using the instructions at the top of the article!