6 Ways To Minimize Your Dog’s Stress During A Break-Up

6 Ways To Minimize Your Dog’s Stress During A Break-Up

Dogs are sensitive to our emotions. It’s just one of the many reasons that we love them. It stands to reason then that when we go through a breakup, they go through feelings of their own. They “get” us, for better or for worse, so when we endure stress, they “get” the stress, too. Here are some tips to make your next unhappily ever after a little happier for your furry BFF.

1. Fight In Private.

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Dogs are so in tune to our feelings that the negative energy you exert during arguments and disagreements filters right down to them. Give your empathetic buddy a break by fighting away from the home, either outside or off the property altogether.

2. Minimize Schedule Alterations.

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If your breakup includes a change in your living situation and you have some time to prepare, transition slowly. Perhaps you can spend some time visiting your new home prior to the move so your dog feels even some amount of familiarity. On moving day, plan for your dog to be in a place, away from the chaos, that is comforting and familiar to him, such as a friend’s or relative’s home, a dog park or a doggy day care.

3. Plan Visitations.

Dogs can feel abandonment. Ease this feeling with visits from your ex. When your ex leaves, pay your dog in treats so he equates the goodbye with treat time and not with sadness.

4. Stay Consistent Despite Custody.

Discuss scheduling, diet, grooming and rules with your ex and maintain consistency at both your homes. For example, your dog should eat the same brand of food at both houses for maximized emotional and physical wellness.

5. Protect your dog during custody disagreements.

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Keep your dog’s best interest in mind. When deciding where your dog should live, think about things like who is home the most and who can give your pup the most attention.

6. Expect the worst. Hope for the best.

When you enter a new relationship, consider including pet ownership, custody and visitation into a pre-nuptial agreement. This removes a lot of the question marks altogether in the event of a breakup.

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