Yo. Call your crew. So they can tell their crew. And we can all FREAK OUT because this is puggin brilliant. The only one that’s missing is Dr. Drool…
SNOOP PUG. "He's got his mind on his treaty's and his treaty's on his mind."
NOTORIOUS P.U.G. likes it when you call him big puppa.
2PUG is 2CUTE. But that doesn't sound nearly as gangsta.
Crazy Eyes. Also known as, just a regular pug...
PUG MASTER FLASH. Put your paws up, cause no one knows how to get a party started like the flash himself.
The FLAVOUR. And by that he means, bacon. (I'm assuming)
The Beastie. This rump shaker has too much swag. Swag overload. Shut it down.
When you're Ice Puge, every day is a good day.
RUN P.U.G. is particularly ironic considering pugs are down with everything BUT running.
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Pugs Dressed As ’90s Rappers Is The Cutest Shizzle You’ll See All Dizzle

Featured image via ThePug.Life