24 Charming Pup-Themed Calendars That Will Inspire Your 2016

24 Charming Pup-Themed Calendars That Will Inspire Your 2016

It’s a New Year! Fresh starts, resolutions and setting goals always begin with a calendar and there’s no better life coach than the four-legged furry kind. Whether you’re looking to spruce up and inspire your work space with a desk calendar or looking for a more traditional wall calendar for your kitchen or living space this list of pup centric calendars has what you need to get this year’s pawty started. Cheers to 2016 doggies!

1. Dogs Calendar$18

Lydia & Pugs is a boutique stationery company inspired by a rescue Pug named Lydia. They specialize in hand-drawn watercolor designs of whimsical pet related illustrations. If you love dogs, art and design you will LOVE this brand. This calendar is pawfection.

Pug Calendar

2. Puppies And Friends$14.99

Can you think of a better way to start the day than with puppies and kittens?!Puppies And Friends


3. Doxie Calendar$12.50

If Doxies are your spirit animal this little desk calendar will be the perfect addition to keep your work space inspired.Doxie Calendar

4. Square Paisley Design 2016 Calendar$14

Twelve adorable dog illustrations, one for each month. The pawfect way to brighten up your work week!


5. Boo Calendar$14.99

Start everyday this year with the cutest dog in the world, Boo!Boo Calendar

6. Dog Desk Easel Calendar$12.99

Fill your year with distinctive canine portraits by watercolorist Deidre Wicks. The front of each month features different breeds in a whimsical full-color illustration. On the back is a perfect sized write-in grid to schedule in all your doggie play dates.

Deidre Wicks

7. Pug Wall Calendar$20

Pug life is the best life! This face will keep you motivated to get your daily tasks handled.Pug Wall Calendar

8. Pinups For Pit bulls Calendar$25

This gorgeous pin-up gal and Pit Bull calendar advocates a positive message for traveling in peace with your Pitty. The theme is meant to educate the public and media about the challenges of traveling freely with your dog when it’s a “Pit Bull-Type”. There is education within the calendar about such challenges and solutions and 100% of net proceeds goes to saving Bullies lives.

Pinups For Pitbulls

9. Wet Dog Calendar$8.52

Photographer Sophie Gamand’s soggy and sweet pups have captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world. This 16-month calendar highlights her irresistible portraits of pampered pooches at bath time and will make your day better regularly.Wet Dog

10. French Bulldog Hand Printed Calendar$22

These whimsical hand drawn Frenchies will brighten any hooman’s day who’s in love with squishy faces.

11. Underwater Puppies Calendar$18.02

Another legendary puptographer, Seth Casteel will win you over with this hilarious series of underwater puppies.

12. Vintage Dogs Calendar$12.95

A charming collection of dogs from antique trade cards and advertisements. These vintage mutts will make every day delightful.Vintage Dogs

13. Yoga Dogs$13.97

These canine yogis are pretty much the best thing ever. They will motivate you to start your day off on the right paw with a downward dog year round.

Yoga Dogs

14. Helmut And Hotties Charity Calendar$10

Helmut The Pug called up all his hunkiest friends and got them together to make the Helmut And Hotties 2016 Calendar. All proceeds will be donated to Pugalug Pug Rescue, to help Pugs live that Pug life to the fullest.

Helmut The Pug

15. Besties Calendar$30

This perfectly petite 6×8″ calendar features 12 months of whimsical illustrations of stylish ladies and their pampered pooch. The months are hand lettered in the artist’s handwriting and printed on high quality archival art stock paper. The calendar is packaged as 12 individual prints and how you display them is up to you. You can pin them up, frame them, use a magnet or prop them on an easel or stand.Besties Calendar

16. Dog Desk Calendar$22

These playful pup illustrations will add just the right amount of houndspiration to any dog lover’s space.Gingiber Calendar

17. William Wegman Puppies Calendar$13.29

If Weimaraners hold the key to your heart this calendar will melt it every day of the year. William Wegman is an American artist best known for his charming and captivating photography involving dogs, primarily Weinaraners.William Wegman Puppies

18. Frenchie Calendar$14.95

Add some major cuteness to your desk with a new Frenchie cut out every month. Pawfect for all dog lovers. Comes with a stand for display.


19. Screen Printed Cat And Dog Calendar$18

Entirely hand silk-screened the old fashioned way with love, woofs and meows. This adorable calendar will fill your crazy dog AND cat lady heart with ruv and liven up whichever space you decide to hang it in.

Strawberry Luna

20. Shake Calendar$10.45

Shake it off with this hilarious series of pups performing their best shake face captured by photographer Carli Davidson. Your day can’t go wrong when you start it off with these care-free poochies.Shake Calendar

21. 2016 Dogs To Love Calendar$17.95

Celebrate the pups you love with this art from The Found. After the year you can re-use the calendar as artwork. These pup-themed prints will sprinkle your home with good doggie vibes.Dachshund Calendar

22. Good Dog Tricks Wall Calendar$22

Original illustrations by Lizzy Clara featuring 12 pages (plus cover) of funny, sweet dogs, varying breeds performing pawesome tricks or just being extra sweet. These furry rascals are bound to make you smile on the daily.

Lizzy Clara

23. Pooping Pooches Calendar$14.99

Keep the mood in your office light with these priceless pooping pooches. What could be more entertaining?!

Pooping Pooches

24. Dean The Basset$14

Dean The Basset has captured the hearts of floppy ear lovers worldwide via his irresistible Instagram page. Now you can enjoy Dean’s best moments year round with his featured calendar. Check out his insta for a taste of what this charismatic guy has to offer.

Dean The Basset