adopted announcement 4
Georgina Buckingham and her boyfriend, Chase Carter, set up a photoshoot to unleash their pup.
Who could be in the box?
Boy? Girl?
The tension is mounting.
OMG who is it!?
Only the littlest pupper we ever saw.
And so, Bentley was born.
They adopted him on May 1, 2016. What a lucky pup.
Bentley is only 8 weeks old. Happy birthday, Bentley!
His eyes say it all - thanks for the treats, mom & dad!
Thanks A LOT for the treats!!
Um, those eyes.
Mom & dad love him, but he really just wants to chew stuff.
And play with flowers.
Kissies for everyone!
What an incredible family portrait.
Bentley will be the center of attention for the rest of his life.
And he won't ever get sick of it.
Congratulations on your new forever home, Bentley!
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Pup Parents Announce The Latest Addition To Their Family In A Series Of Adorable Photos

If you ask us, baby announcements on Facebook can get a little tiring, but not when the babies are fur babies! This Florida couple knew exactly how to announce their new, tiny pup named Bentley in style.