How To Throw Your Dog The Birthday Pawty Of Their Dreams

How To Throw Your Dog The Birthday Pawty Of Their Dreams

We know how much you love your dog. And we know how much you love pampering them. What better way to celebrate that special pup in your life than by throwing them the ultimate birthday pawty! Here’s the lowdown, howlin’ good time guaranteed!

1. Choose Your Invitations

First things first, you can’t have a bash without inviting the pack. Get this pup party started with themed invitations. Your pooch can look as dapper as this dog here. He will definitely be the talk of the dog park once these bad boys go out.


2. Pick Your Location

These may be the rowdiest guests you’ve ever had (or maybe not… depending who you hang out with). You’ll need lots of room for them to run and play safely. If you have a large fenced-in yard you can obviously host it at your place and, if not, the dog park is a great option. If you live near a dog beach you know what you need to do….. Beach party! Cue the tail wags and goodie bags.

Beach Birthday Bash

3. Pawty Playlist

Let’s be real, we’re all still wondering “who let the dawgs out?” Every great party begins with a paw-picked playlist and this bash is no different. Load your playlist with Fido’s favorite jams including Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out” (obvy), Florence + the Machine “Dog Days are Over”, and Elvis’s “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog”. And of course, in honor of all the hoomans sippin gin ‘n’ juice, you can’t forget about the Dogg himself: Snoop Dogg.

Don’t have time to pull together sweet jams? No worries! Check out this pre-made playlist.

4. Fun and Games

It’s time for “Best in Show”, and no, we’re not talking about Westminster! Bring a little friendly competition to your pawty with contests and games. Themed party? Have a best dressed contest! Friends with a bunch of smart dogs? Hold a competition to see who has the best tricks. For the ultimate showdown bring out the doggy piñata filled with treats and bones. The hoomans get to smash the piñata and the pups get to dig into the goods.

5. Splish Splash

If your baby’s birthday falls in the summertime, cool things off with a couple kiddie pools! Buy several cheap plastic pools, fill them with hose water, toss in some tennis balls, and let the fun begin! Pro-Tip: Make sure to have old towels on hand to prevent everyone’s car from getting that wonderfully fragrant wet dog smell.

6. Say “Cheese!”

No party is complete without a photobooth. Gather up some silly hats, scarves, crowns, flower headbands and any other props that will make your party animals look fabulous. Pin a piece of fabric to the wall for a backdrop. Make it even more legit with an official birthday bash hashtag.
Dog photo booth

7. Feed The Pack

This goes for both hoomans and doggies. Keep the theme alive by throwing some delicious hot dogs on the grill for the two-legged party animals. For the four-legged bunch have lots of tasty (and safe) treats on hand. Show off your baking skillz by making treats from scratch like these Puppermint Fresh Bites or these Carob Banana “Brownies”.

Dog Party Treat Ideas

8. Stay Hydrated

Just like a rowdy college party, water is the secret key to success. Have doggy drink stations EVERYWHERE. A good rule of thumb is having at least one water bowl per dog.

9. Save Room For Cake

Did you really celebrate a birthday if you didn’t eat cake? The answer is no. Make the day extra special with a drool-worthy dog cake, such as this Protein-Packed Peanut Butter Cake. Just remember to not use any ingredients toxic to dogs such as chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, ice cream, or sugar. And don’t forget cake for the people too!

Click here for more tips on food you should never feed your dog.


10. Pawty Favors

When throwing the ultimate birthday bash party favors are a must. Send your guests off with drool-worthy doggy bags filled with toys, bones, collars, and anything else you think your pup’s pals would love. Or, go the budget friendly route and just fill the bags with kibbles or treats.

doggy bag

If you want to celebrate your dog’s birthday but don’t have time for a party, don’t fret. A free pup cup from Starbucks or Dairy Queen paired with a new bone can still make for a pretty spectacular day!

Featured Image via Three Million Dogs