8 Dog-Inspired Nail Art Ideas To Show Your Puppy Love

8 Dog-Inspired Nail Art Ideas To Show Your Puppy Love

Not fully committed to dressing like a crazy dog lady? Let your paws do the talking! Get inspired by these pup-ular nail art ideas, and accessorize in a daintier way. This week we’ve got a cute video tutorial and some incredible work by celebrity nail artists. For those of us not that into lacquer, there are other ways to add a little flair to your digits. We’ve collected some cool decals, wraps, and charms. There’s even an app that lets you put custom photos of your own canine on your claws. Go forth and nail it.

1. Here’s a tutorial video from Temperani Nails for the Boston or Frenchie lover. It’s paired with very soothing music to calm the skittish nail painters among us. Just breathe! Try painting your dominant paw first with your non-dominant paw so you don’t have any accidents.

2. Nail wrap company ncLA has an app called myNCLA, where you can make a custom nail wrap out of any photo. Dog lover Esther Hahn put her doges on her digits:

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3. Check out these adorable tiny black and white dog silhouettes from superstar nail artist Mei aka ciaomanhattan2012.

4. Swedish nail artist Nails by Ruby creates unbelievably realistic pooch portraits.

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5. These rhinestone poodle nail charms by nailartfairy will have you wagging your fingers like ten happy tails.

poodle nail charms nail art dog

6. Pom lover (and awesome shop-name-haver) FuzzyButtGear has these adorable Pomeranian nail decals for sale.

pomeranian nail decals dog

7. Press on these puppies from niceclaws.

press on puppy nails dog 8. Pups….In…Spaaaaaace! Raquel “RaqstarNails” Nevarez put these cosmic canines on her niece’s nails.

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