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"Michelle & Barack Obama", Photo: @TheDogStyler Models: @OscarFrenchieNYC and @Louis_Reginald
"Abraham Lincoln", Photo: @TheDogStyler, Model: @RalphieNYC
"Hillary & Bill Clinton" Photo: @TheDogStyler, Models: @underpantsthedog and @mochiandthecity
"Donald & Melania Trump", Photo: @TheDogStyler, Models: @MervinTheChihuahua and @RosenbergTheDog
"Monica Lewinsky", Photo: @TheDogStyler, Model: @LittleHollyBigWorld
"George & Martha Washington", Photo: @TheDogStyler, Models: @Jaxarfhur and @EllaBeanTheDog
Source: @TheDogStyler
"Thomas Jefferson", Photo: @TheDogStyler, Model: @Ittystagram
"Bernie Sanders", Photo: @TheDogStyler, Model: @JackFits
"JFK & Jackie O", Photo: @TheDogStyler, Models: @ChloeTheMiniFrenchie & @RalphieTheCockaPoo
Source: @TheDogStyler
"Richard Nixon", Photo: @TheDogStyler, Model: @amixnamedinky
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These Dogs Dressed As Presidents Prove We Can All Agree On Something After All

With the election season in full swing and tensions between (and within) parties at an all-time high, it can be easy to get so wrapped up in the debate that, before you know it, you’re throwing elbows and screaming into the faces of everyone you love. Wait, is that just me?

At times like this — whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or neither — it’s important to look for commonalities that can level the playing field and unite us once more. The world’s largest field leveler? DOGS. And while we can’t seem to agree on much, we can stand united behind the fact that these adorable dogs dressed as some of the most beloved / infamous characters in America’s presidential history fill us with more patriotic pride than the Fourth of July!

Dog Bless The USA!!!

All Photos via @TheDogStyler