My Dog Was Going Bald So I Tried Feeding Her a Raw Diet

My Dog Was Going Bald So I Tried Feeding Her a Raw Diet

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A few years ago when I had daydreams about my future dog, I never thought that my future four-legged family would have anything in common with Vin Diesel. My dog, Pimm, is fast, furious, and… Going bald.

Pimm is a HUGE part of my life. Every since I adopted her last May, my life has completely changed for the better. This energetic lady love is my running partner, work partner, and late night Netflix partner while my husband is busy with medical school. Most of the employees here at Bark are total neurotic helicopter parents worrying about every little thing to do with our pups and I’m no different. Since adopting Pimm, one of my biggest worries has been her coat and skin going all Vin Diesel on me.

My little 18-pound bundle of chaos.
Pimm never had much fur to start and a few months after I brought her home, she began developing bald patches. Naturally, I freaked out and asked my vet a ton of questions. He didn’t share my level of paranoia and told me that it could be anything from her harness to allergies.

I’ve been testing different collars and harnesses over the last year and then when the folks at Sojos offered to let Pimm try some of their Sojos Complete food that makes a raw diet super easy and convenient, I thought it was definitely worth a shot to see if she could regrow some of her fur.



Here you can see some of Pimm’s bald patches on her chest, belly, knees, and elbows. I wish her bald spots didn’t make me so worried because they are actually really soft and velvety. 😛

Raw food diets have been known to lead to an increase in energy levels, healthier skin, and an overall improvement in digestion and health. Over the past year I’ve been transitioning Pimm to different fresh foods, testing different proteins, and trying fish oil but nothing was working with definitive results and I was really curious to see what a raw diet might do.

sojos 1

Sojos complete dog food is basically a dog’s version of eating raw. The food is made up of freeze-dried raw meat, veggies, and fruits to provide your pup will all of the good stuff they need. Since the food is dehydrated, an 8lb bag rehydrates to more than 40lb of fresh food.


To hydrate the food, you just need to add water and let it sit for 15 minutes or more. Since I’ve got a tiny New York kitchen, I have one special Pimm Tupperware where I rehydrate a bit of Sojos at a time and keep it in the tiny NYC fridge until it is d-i-n-n-e-r time.


Over the course of a month, I began mixing the raw food with Pimm’s previous food to avoid an upset stomach while transiting her diet. Once she fully switched over, she didn’t start growing Rapunzel hair or anything from her chest, but her fur is shinier and I did notice some digestion improvements. Not to be gross, but PimmPup’s poops are perfection on Sojos. (Regular, smaller, sturdy, two thumbs up!)

pimm collage updatedPimm’s chest before Sojos on the left, and after on the right. It’s hard to see in the photo but there is some teeny peach fuzz starting to fill in on her skin.

pimm_furHere’s a closeup of the peach fuzz growing in!

Some of my coworkers have been commenting that they feel like Pimm’s fur is growing back so I want to keep her on the test for longer to see what happens. Plus, I’ve never seen her SO excited and wigglebutt-y for dinner before. 🙂


When you’re an overprotective pup parent, it can be really hard to find the perfect products and foods for your dog. To learn more about Sojos and if a raw food diet is right for you pup, sniff on over to


Sojos uses 100% natural, USDA-inspected, human-grade ingredients – with no GMO’s preservatives, fillers, or coloring. To view their entire line of  all-natural, “raw made easy” dog food and treats visit
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