dog5 feat cool.
I'm seeing red but I'm very happy about it.
Getting caught with your pants down around your ankles isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it's just really cute.
You're green with envy over this look, aren't you?
Doesn't give a flip(per).
Black belt, no big deal. (Actually it's a very big deal.)
Runner chic.
Geek chic.
Oh come on, one more geek chic.
Rock out, dog. Rock out.
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Rescued Stray Dog Receives Amazing Instagram Makeover, Becomes Fashion Icon

Stray dogs are more than meets the eye. As Skye the street dog proves, they can be extremely cool and cute. After rescuing the pup of three months, 13 year-old Shai Diwan created a fabulous Instagram account, @indian_dogue, to showcase some cool canine couture — and to prove that strays are just as loving and adorable as any other dog. Check out some of our favorite pics, and then head over to Skye and Shais’ Instagram page to follow their adventures!

Featured image via @indian_dogue/Instagram