These 15 Dog Gifs Will Get You Through Yet Another Horrific Tax Deadline

These 15 Dog Gifs Will Get You Through Yet Another Horrific Tax Deadline

There is nothing quite like the impending tax deadline of April 15th to make you question your very sanity. And although it may surprise you, dogs toooootally understand the stress of tax season. These 15 pups will take you through the utter terror of filing your taxes:

1. OK, I’ve got my pen, notes, spreadsheets and receipts. There is no stopping me!

gif 1

2. Oh, wait, I need a snack.

gif 2

3. Oh. Dear. Lord. I’ve been keeping a year’s worth of receipts in this random grocery bag?! That is insane. I’M AN ADULT!

gif 3

4. Shoot, I need another snack.

excited corgi

5. Alright, so maybe I haven’t been as organized as I thought. But I’m smart. Time to sort these bad boys. LET’S DO THIS.

dog jet ski

6. But first, one more snack and a quick nap. Last snack, I swear.

dog kibble

7. I do not fear you, pile of receipts! Deductible expenses, show yourselves!

dog leaves

8. BOOM! Sorted by expense type. How you like me now, Schedule A Form 1040?!

dog dance

9. “Foreign tax credit. Attach Form 1116 if required.” What does this mean?! To Google!

dog on comp

10. “Residential energy credits. Attach Form 5695.” What the what?! Someone. Make. It. Stop.

dog bowl

11. Hold on, I owe $11 million dollars? It seems my math is off. Hmmm. Let me consult my good friend, Beer.

dog beer

12. I can’t do this anymore. With the forms and the math. It’s like pulling teeth.

tired dog

13. “Hello, credentialed tax preparer. Can you help relieve me of my paperwork and shame? Please?”

dog phone

14. Please, take my money. Take it all. Just don’t make me do math ever again!

pug running dogs over

15. What’s that, taxes? I can’t hear you over the glorious sound of doing WHATEVER I WANT WITH MY FREE TIME MWAHAHAHA.

dog dancing last

Have fun (or, you know, as much as you can) with your taxes this year. We’re rooting for you!


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