Help Your Pup Enjoy The 4th Of July As Much As You Do

Help Your Pup Enjoy The 4th Of July As Much As You Do

When you think of Independence Day fun, I’m sure fireworks come to mind. While we know that most dogs don’t share our enthusiasm for noisy displays of colorful explosions, that doesn’t mean that they can’t partake in the other festivities that this great holiday has to offer.

Fourth of July parties mean lots of fun and food with friends and family. Delicious grilled meats, patriotic desserts, and outdoor games all make up the magic of this American tradition. Here are a few ways you can make sure your pup enjoys the summer fun just as much as the hoomans!



Whether you are serving the traditional 4th fare of hamburgers and hot dogs, or classing things up a bit with ribs and steaks, your pup is going to feel bummed when he doesn’t get to share. While your pooch pines for all those savory aromas permeating the premises, why not whip up some festive treats that are dog-friendly?

Mini Quiches

Eggs, beef, and veggies baked into cute little cups? Arf, please!


Harvest Veggie Bacon Bowls

This colorful concoction is hearty enough to eat every day, but best as a special occasion feast. It’s a bit rich with all that bacon-y goodness. Then there’s the broccoli farts – yowza!

bacon bowl

Breath Freshening Pizza Treatzas

There ain’t no pawty like a pizza pawty, cuz a pizza pawty don’t stop! And the pepperoni on the pie? These delicious lil’ snacks freshen your pup’s toilet tongue!


Sweet Potato Chips

These crunchy little fellas are delicious enough to share with your hooman guests. Frying them in coconut oil gives them a healthier twist for pups watching their waists.


Banana “Brownies”

These little sweeties may not look all that appetizing, but I assure you, they taste ahhhh-mazing! With all the healthy ingredients, you and your pup can indulge guilt-free.


Peanut Butter Bites

This one’s just for the pups, but there is a human-friendly version you can check out at Spoon University.

pb bites


Don’t feel like all that extra cooking? BarkShop’s got you covered with their selection of delicious, healthy, pre-made snacks. Try one of the following summer cookout themed options:

Screenshot (565)


Toys For Squeekin’

All of the patriotic, summery toys below are designed to be squeezed, squeaked and snuggled. Your pup can sink his teeth into these instead of your cornhole bags.

Happy Hot Dog, $8 – $11

Your pooch probably isn’t going to fall for the ol’ “this just came off the grill” trick, but he can still have a great time chomping on this hot dog toy.

Screenshot (577)

Fun on a Bun, $18

Each layer of this burger is a toy of it’s own. While you fire up the real thing for the humans, your pup can pretend he works at Burger-Fi and build his own burger!

Screenshot (576)

Can of Soda Pup, $8

It’s just not a 4th of July pawty without a big cooler full of soda. Your pup can get his squeak on while you enjoy America’s favorite sugar-packed beverage.

Screenshot (575)

Watermelon Slice, $8 – $11

A big, fresh slice of juicy watermelon is the perfect way to cool down during a summer party. You can share a little of the real thing with your pup – it’s perfectly healthy as long as it’s seedless – or you can give him a plush piece instead.

Screenshot (573)

Silly Bum Bumblebee, $7

The honeybees are out in full force by July 4th. Keep your nosy pooch safe from the real stingers with this adorable stuffed toy from Silly Bumz.



Toys For Fetchin’

Active pups will be much more chill during the festivities if they get plenty of exercise first. All of these fun, durable toys are designed to be tossed, chucked or bounced for your pup’s pleasure.

Lady Liberty Ball, $8 – $12

Nothing says patriotism like poppin’ the head off the Statue of Liberty and turning it into a festive toy for your favorite pupper!

Screenshot (571)

American as Cherry Pie, $12

Or is it apple pie? Either way, this toy is the for summer shenanigans! Each little cherry can be finagled out of the crust by your brainy pupper to become its own individual fetch projectile.

Screenshot (570)

K9 Kannon Ball Launcher, $19 – $25

OK, all you gamers! It’s time to get your butt out of the recliner and get outside with your pup! Luckily, the K9 Kannon Ball Launcher will make you feel like you’re inside a game of Halo.

Screenshot (569)

The Fire Baller, $10

Baseball is an American summer tradition, so why not get your pooch in on the game this 4th of July? You’ll feel like Clayton Kershaw throwin’ the heat when you toss this smokin’ toy around.

Screenshot (568)

Anchors Aweigh Rubber Fetcher, $15

Anchors are all the rage this summer, and now your pup can get in on the trend! Made from 100% rubber so it’s super durable for tough chewers. This toy is perfect for beach bums and dogs who live to swim and fetch because unlike a real anchor, it floats!

Screenshot (567)


Stayin’ Cool

All of these products are designed to help your dog beat the heat this 4th. Several hundred pets are estimated to suffer from life threatening heatstroke each year. While most people associate this condition with hot cars, it can and does affect active pups outside on summer days. If your dog will be joining you in your Independence Day celebration, be sure to provide plenty of cold water and occasional indoor breaks in the A/C if possible.

Arctic Freeze Ball, $10

This fun, nubby fetch ball is filled with purified water. Just toss it in the freezer before heading outside for the coolest game of fetch ever! You can also hide favorite treats inside to keep busy-body pups occupied while you mingle.

Screenshot (566)

H2O to Go Bundle, $36

The double-walled metal bottle keeps water cool for up to 24 hours, and the signature BarkShop paw-shaped bowl is made from food grade silicone. You can twist it, fold it and mash it into your pack and never worry about it warping or tearing. With the set, your pup will never go thirsty during an outdoor event again!

Screenshot (557)

Cool Wrapz Bandana, $10

Your pup can look stylish and sophisticated while beating the heat this 4th with a Cool Wrapz bandana. Just run it under cold water, wrap it around your pup’s neck and watch him enjoy the chill all afternoon.


Cooling Mat, $45 – $50

Perfect for all pups, but a must for those who like to pawty in summer. The cooling mat helps to lower the body temperature on sweltering days, and keeps your pooch comfortable to boot!


Step & Spray Dog Sprinkler, $35

Hot dogs will have hours of chilly fun drinking and splashing in their very own sprinkler. Activated at the touch of a paw, this easy to use pup splasher hooks right to your backyard hose.


Bounce on Water Ball, $10

This ball was created for dogs that live to swim, dive and fetch! Super durable for the ruff-est of players, aaaaand its unique design allows it to actually bounce on the surface of the water!


Dog Pool Float & Lounger, $69.50 – $129.50

These floats are designed especially for pups. They’re tough and durable to withstand teeth and toenails, and soft and squishy enough to keep dogs cool and cozy in the pool.


Remember, the most fun your dog can possibly have this 4th of July is spending time safely by his favorite human’s side. Happy Independence Day, America!

Featured Image via David B. / Flickr