Senior Beagle With Mad Skills Snags Her Second Guinness World Record

Contrary to what you might think, this white-faced senior citizen is anything but slow. On National Puppy Day, nine-year-old Purin broke her second Guinness World Record. Her latest achievement, “Fastest 10 Meters Travelled On A Ball By A Dog” was doubtlessly due to her impressive determination — as well as some spectacular balance.

If you are watching this adorable pup and thinking that she looks familiar, that’s because Purin and her owner, Makoto Kumagai, claimed their first world record last year for “Most Balls Caught With Paws.” The video made the pup an instant internet sensation.

One thing is for sure, it doesn’t look like anything is going to slow this pup down. We can’t wait to see what Purin tries her paws at next!

Feature Image via Daily Telegraph.