14 Problems Only Senior Citizen Pup Parents Understand

14 Problems Only Senior Citizen Pup Parents Understand

Puppies are great, but senior pups are magic. Whether you’ve been together furever or for a short time, there’s a special bond between elderly dogs and their hoomans. These pups have a special wisdom that younger dogs can’t match.

That means that their pawrents are members of an exclusive club full of problems that other dog owners can’t ever understand.

Here are some of those things.

1. At this point, you know your dog has more wisdom than you’ll ever have.

2. But they’re still total goofballs.

3. Sometimes they need even more cuddles than they did when they were younger. This is total bliss.

4. People are always asking you if your aging pup, especially if they’re blind or deaf, has a good quality of life.

Do you not see this smile? Do you not see it!?

blind shiba smiling

5. Doggie water therapy and acupawncture appointments are part of your weekly routine.

6. You’re pretty tired of explaining to people why you’re dog is in a stroller.

dogs in strollers

7. When people tell you that they could never own a senior dog, you have to hold yourself back from doing this:

dog slap

8. Older dogs have zero shame when it comes to claiming what is theirs. EVERYTHING IS THEIRS.

Might as well give up and give him the food.

9. Your dog has learned to tolerate your fetish of dressing them up in random costumes.

10. Your BFF sleeps even more now. This means you have the chance to take tons of adorable and cozy photos of your fuzzbutt.

11. Your pup may be set in his ways, but at least he has his priorities straight.

12. You wake up every morning feeling amazingly grateful that you have another day with your precious derpface.

13. You’ve given up on trying to get the scent of fart out of your home. Might as well embrace it.

14. You love your dog more than you did when you first met, which was already an infinite amount, so now you’re practically exploding with love and you can’t even handle it.