10 Shirts That Totally Understand Your Life As A Dog Lover

10 Shirts That Totally Understand Your Life As A Dog Lover

Are you covered in dog hair but just don’t care? Do three of your favorite things include cuddly dogs, strong cups of coffee, and intense Netflix binges? If you consider yourself part of the #DogSquad then we have the perfect Etsy shop for you!


Whether you’re a pup parent wanting to show off your pride, or you want to spoil a fellow dog lover, you’ll be having sweet dreams about Treat Dreams once you check out their comfy-chic products. All designs are made with love by an amazing mother-daughter team who are passionate about promoting the health, well-being, and happiness of dogs everywhere.


So if you’re loungin’ around the house, hittin’ the gym, or taking a stroll through the dog park, never fear! Treat Dreams is here to ensure that you can wear your pup love on your sleeve without sacrificing style.

Don’t worry — your four-legged friends haven’t been forgotten! This shop also makes customizable pup-friendly cakes. But the best part? Treat Dreams donates 10% of all proceeds to various dog rescue organizations around the country.


Great shirts for an even greater cause? Yes please! Here are 10 shirts every dog lover needs in their closet. Find them at the Treat Dreams today.

1. Ever have this problem? You go to the local shelter. Or you’re scrolling through #dogsofinstagram. And you see dogs. Sooo many dogs. And you want them all. Why can’t you just have them all? This shirt understands your dilemma.

2. Does your Tinder crush have to meet your pup before taking you out to that first awkward dinner date? If you answered yes, then this shirt is for you!


3. If you care about your Dog Squad more than Marvel’s Suicide Squad, then you need this in your closet.


4. Dog hair everywhere. Does that sound like your life? If you wear Fido’s hair proudly, then it’s time to proudly wear this shirt.


5. You don’t have to be a Yogi to appreciate this pun. Next time you make plans but you’re feeling too lazy, just send a selfie and let this cozy racerback tank do the talking.


6. There’s no better dog than one you saved. (Or did they save you?) Either way, this is the perfect way to show off your rescue pride.


7. Netflix. Food. Dogs. Need we say more?


8. Slip on some sweatpants, grab a donut, and watch your dog beg for crumbs. If you love lazy days than you need this long-sleeved tee, like yesterday.


9. You can never rescue too many dogs — and you can never have too many rescue shirts. Am I right or am I right?


10. Since canine fur is a permanent part of your life, why not have more than one dog hair don’t care tees?


Ready to pupgrade your wardrobe? Click on over to Treat Dreams today!