14 Gifts To Show Your Overly-Affectionate Dog How Much You Love Them, Too

14 Gifts To Show Your Overly-Affectionate Dog How Much You Love Them, Too

Your dog is your absolute best friend, but if you’re being honest they’re a lot more than that. They’re your shadow wherever you go, they hate it when you leave and throw a party every time you walk back in the room, and they’re the reason you constantly have that feeling someone’s watching you.

They’re Stage 5 Clinger Dogs, and we love them just the same—so let’s show it with these 14 must-have items!

1. Hugo’s Hot Cocoa, $14

Nothing like a pair of squeaky marshmallows and a crinkly mug that doesn’t lie.

hot cocoa


2. Emoji Toy Bundle, From $30

They can’t use phones, but this is the same thing, right? You can also purchase individually here: heart, heart eyes emoji, poo, hashtag.

emoji toy bundle


3. Welcome Home Postcard, From $8

Whether you’re becoming a forever pawrent or just got home from work, it’ll warm your heart to have this dropped in your lap.

welcome home postcard


4. Slobbery Sunflowers (Small), $12

We can’t give a heart-shaped box of chocolates, so this bouquet will do just fine.



5. Circus Ticket, From $8

Admit one… into my heart.

circus ticket


6. Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone With Treat Rings, $9

Because everyone needs five minutes of you time without tripping over their velcro dog.

busy bone


7. Heart Chain Rope Toy, $18

I give it to you. Please don’t break it.

heart rope toy


8. ChuckIt! Kick Fetch Max Glow Ball, From $12.51

By nature, fetch is a game for two, and the party doesn’t stop when the sun goes down (it gloes in the dark!).

chuck it glow ball


9. Seatbelt Tether, $13

They’re by your side no matter what—that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them safe.

seatbelt tether


10. Bacon Dental Chew, From $11

Finally, a chew that doesn’t vanish almost as soon as you give it to your dog. SAVOR the bacon!

benebone chew


11. Nomad Travel Bowls, $25

You jump, I jump, remember? Wait, that’s not right. Where YOU go, your dog goes too. Snack and water breaks don’t have to be tricky.

travel bowls


12. Snuggle Sack, From $16

For the first class cuddlers, a cozy place to get away from it all.

snuggle sack


13. Beef Jerky Bow (5-Pack), $15

This tough chew doesn’t mess around, and it’s great for clean teeth! (Fresh breath all the better to kiss you with, my dear.)

beef jerky bow


14. Feast For Your Beast Treat Sampler, $24

Give your pup what he wants, and more! He chooses which one he likes most, and you redeem here for the full size!

treat sampler


featured image via BarkShop