17 Gifts For The Single Pup-Parent In Your Life

17 Gifts For The Single Pup-Parent In Your Life

As a single pup-parent during Valentine’s Day, I constantly have to justify the fact that I’m unattached to everyone, from random relatives to strangers at the mall (“Would you like me to wrap that bottle of cologne for your boyfriend??” NO IT’S FOR ME I JUST LIKE THE WAY IT SMELLS OKAY?!). It’s ruff.

Fortunately, there’s no inappropriate comment from friends or strangers that won’t be cured as soon as your bundle of fur greets you at the door with some unconditional ruvin’. Here’s what to get for the bachelor or bachelorette dog lover in your life needs this Valentine’s Day:

1. Sassy Wine Glass, $44

This needs no description.

Image via Premier Home & Gifts

2. Martingale Collar, $35

This collar is so awesome you won’t even have to include a gift receipt, cuz their dog wouldn’t dream of returning it (even if they could).


3. Naptime with Theo & Beau, $17

Even the single folks in your life won’t be able to resist the cuteness of this baby and puppy duo. If you don’t already know about the inseparable pair check out @mommagonecity on Instagram (you’re welcome 😉 ).

gus reading new

4. Dogs Mug, $16

Does your friend dream of becoming a dog walker? Let them know that you notice and slightly approve.

dogs mug

5. Pawstik, $10

Has your friend ever refused to go to a party because their furry spouse “isn’t feeling well?” These two sticks will help protect your friend’s dog against harsh winter weather (AKA leave them with one less excuse to miss out on the party). The Snoutstik protects dog’s noses from sun and snow while the Pawstik keeps paws protected from tough pavement. Both can be purchased through the BarkShop!

pawstik new

6. Mad Dog Flask Set, $36

Sometimes you know the only thing that can make a day better is drinking out of a flask decorated with an adorable bulldog.

maddog flask

7. Vinyl Laptop Sticker, $3

Because there’s no better way to jazz up a boring laptop than with a little Bark ruv. 😉


8. “My Owner Is Single” Doggie T-Shirt, $20.50

Perfect for picking up other unleashed pawrents at the dog park, without even having to use an awkward pickup line like, “Cute dog, so what’s your number?”(not that I’ve used it. at all. ok, maybe once).


9. WoofMints, $19.95

Even if they’re not looking to kiss anyone, that doesn’t mean their pup’s breath should be forgotten about. WoofMints is a quick and all natural way to keep dog’s breath smelling minty fresh 24/7.

woof mints new 2

10. Verameat Dachshund Babe Ring, $40

Make sure they can wear their true feelings around their finger.

dogs-ring_grid new

11. Snuggle Sack, $16-$48

We all know the pup sleeps in the human bed, but they might need a stylish place to nap.

snuggle new

12. Hook + Albert Human and Dog Polka Dot Bowtie Set, $65

Now they can match with someone on Valentine’s Day and for that new profile picture they’ve been dying to take. 😉


13. Toile Dog Blanket, $60

Make those lonely Friday night cuddle sessions as stylish as pawssible.

Image via Bark Shop

14. Bird Dog Whiskey, $18

Because whiskey makes going out in the cold at 1 a.m. to let the dog pee much more bearable.

Image via Bird Dog Whiskey

15. Doca Pet Orange Wire & Dine Dog Bowls, $67

For that single friend who majored in Architecture and sometimes tries to drag you to modern art museums.

wire bowl new

16. Personalized Dog Desk Calendar, $14.99

Have them take this desk calendar to work so they never have to be without their puppy S.O. again.

collage calendar 3 new

17. You Must Love Dogs Dating Site Membership, Free 3-Day Trial.

Because maybe you don’t want them to be single furever. 🙂

Image via You Must Love Dogs
Featured Image via BarkShop
For more awesome gifts of the humans and pups in your life be sure to check out BarkShop!