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You might not realize it, but there's a ton of reasons why pups should go on walks and not just for bathroom duty. Check out ten reasons why your pup needs to get out there and sniff!
1. Exercise. Most pups need a daily hour of exercise. Depending on their breed, they might need a little more or less.
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2. Familiarity. Dogs love to be familiar with their surroundings. A "sniff walk" is a great way for a pup to know all the important scents and keep herself up to date with the neighborhood.
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3. Socialize with friends. Just like you look forward to your weekly coffee date (or glass of wine) with your BFF, your dog needs to hang out with some friends, too. This is especially important if your companion is a puppy and needs to learn the art of socialization. :)
4. Bond with you. The more you two do together, the more memories you make, and the more you both can anticipate each other's actions, moods, and behavior.
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5. Explore. Pups are curious and they need to see what's out there. And so should you! You never know what adventures you might go on.
6. Learn new commands or tricks. What better way to learn something new than to enjoy it in the lovely outdoors?
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7. Feel confident. Whether it's social interacting, spending time with you, or any other social activity, pups want to feel happy, secure, and good about themselves.
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8. Mix up the routine. We all get bored and antsy if we do the same thing day in and day out. Change up the routine a little to keep your dog's interest and morale up.
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9. Exercise your dog's brain. Of course walks are about physical exercise and bathroom breaks, but just like humans, their minds need to be sharp and stimulated. It's a great time to play some games and complete other mindful activities.
10. Enjoy nature. Depending on where you live, dogs can enjoy a bevy of landscapes and scenery. Live by a tropical beach? Soak up some sun and kick it near a palm tree. Enjoy forest? Go on an exciting hike. Take advantage of your surroundings together!
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