12 Products We Tried This Spring and Loved

12 Products We Tried This Spring and Loved

This Spring has been filled with sunshine, pollen and playtime! We’ve spent our days chewing on plushies, sipping on soda pup, and adventuring around town in our Shoodles. BarkShop has some seriously awesome pawducts in stock right now and we’ve rounded up our favorites that we’ve tried this Spring and RUVED! If you’re on the hunt for fun for you and your pup add some of these items to your bag of summer supplies.

For Pups

1. The Dognald$16

A BarkShop exclusive the Dognald is one doggedly determined Repuplican. Your dog will love The Dognald’s reinforced seams, perfect for tough debates. And, you’ll never hear this plush guy squeak. Squeaking is for wimps. When chewed, The Dognald grunts!

The Dognald

2. Andi’s Famous Plush Dumplings$16

Add these dumpling dog toys to your order, and introduce your pup to America’s greatest invention: Chinese takeout! Each smiling dumpling holds a squeaker inside and are delivered in a plush, crazy-crinkly carryout carton. Andi’s Famous Dumplings are best for smaller dogs.

Andis Dumplings

3. Bacon Benebone$12

A bone you can trust, at last! The Benebone is engineered for safe and long lasting chewing. Benebone chews are made in the USA and every sale supports animal welfare.


4. Peas in the Pod$10

Totally cool to play with your food here, doggies! Custom-made for BarkBox, this plush veggie is designed to delight your dog. Each pea is a separate squeaker toy, tough enough for some serious chewing. The squeaky peas come in a super-crinkly pod, which pups love pawing and gnawing. If only real vegetables were this much fun!

Peas in the Pod for Dogs

5. Hipster Can Toy$10

Nothing is better than a crispy PBArf on a hot summer day! If your puppers is a heavy chewer this Soda pop will be a great challenge for him. Engineered specifically with determined dogs in mind, it’s a non-toxic and biodegradable rubber compound that perfectly balances durability with chewability for incredible longevity and levity. Inside the durable walls is a space for stuffing delicious treats, like peanut butter, canned food, or kibble.

Hipster Can Toy For Dogs

6. Bouncing Squirrel Tail$14

Chasing squirrels has never been so fun and rewarding! HyperPet makes it easy to catch this faux furry tail making for a very proud pup! It will excite your dog with its movement and noise, which keep pups interested for hours.

Bouncing Squirrel Tail For Dogs

7. Hillary Kitten$16

The Hillary Kitten dog toy is born to take on the big dogs. She’s one powerful plush who can withstand lots of badgering. Hillary’s a soft but tough DemoCat, with dog-minded pawlicies, a smartphone stitched in her front pocket, and a sturdy squeaker. A Bark & Co exclusive, complete with durable reinforced seams in her pantsuit, Hillary Kitten has come to bark the vote.

Hillary Kitten for Dogs

8. Brownie the Happy Poo$12

Now you can share your favorite emoji with your dawg! Brownie the Happy Poo is one tough turd that can go round for round with pups of all shapes and sizes. Ideal for large dogs, this rough poop plush toy has a cellophane crinkle and the kind of subtle squeaker that’ll drive dogs totally crazy!

Brownie the Happy Poo Dog Toy

For You

9. Shoodles$74

Made for adventure, our exclusive Shoodles are plastered with cool dog illustrations by Dave Coverly. And the Shoodle insole has massaging air nubs for your toes, and a squishy bubble for your heels. Wear them wherever you want your feet to look cute and feel crazy comfortable. Our friends at Bucketfeet have really taken great strides in creating a truly pawsome shoe. Hello happy feet!


10. Rescued Wine Candle – Chardonnay, $25

This Chardonnay-scented wine bottle soy wax candle is an aromatic way to give back. With a portion of every purchase going to dog rescue groups, they’re candles for a good cause. Made in California by the chandlers at Rescued Wine, each recycled wine bottle is collected, cleaned, and cut by hand. Inspired by Chardonnay wine, the fragrance features aromas of apple, almond, and cinnamon, with undertones of buttery vanilla.

Rescued Wine Chardonnay Candle

11. Woof Mobile Luggage Tag, $6

Summer is the season for adventure and trips to new places. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or boat avoid a case of lost bags with this Woof Mobile Luggage Tag. Printed with original art by R. Nichols, it’s the perfect tag for keeping track of your treasures on the baggage claim carousel. Each of R. Nichols’s illustrations is created by hand with cut paper in his Florida studio to produce that unmistakably elegant look we love. Made in the USA on heavy-duty plastic (for durability), there’s plenty of room on the back for your personal info.

Woof Mobile Luggage Tag

12. Mad Dog Pint Glass$9

Beat the heat and serve yourself a frosty beverage in this high-class Mad Dog Pint Glass. Featuring the vintage artwork of Constance Depler Coleman, it’s perfect for a pour of your favorite ale.

Mad Dog Pint Glass