Subaru’s Retriever Family Knows Exactly Why Dad Is Going Grey

Did your dad ever point to the silver creeping over his head, give you a knowing look, and exclaim that you—yes, you—are the reason he has grey hair? Because Mr. Barkley, of the adorable Subaru Barkleys, is too self-sacrificing to blame his frosty muzzle on his puppies.

mr barkley

But that doesn’t mean he can’t point a critical paw at the other stressors in life. Like language-challenged voice recognition in those gosh dern smartphones.

Or when the BIGGEST BIRD EVER DECIDES TO LET IT LOOSE ON YOUR WINDSHIELD. Especially when it’s not actually a bird.

Dad, we really like the grey. It makes you look distinguished. But whatever you do, don’t tell Mom the truth.

Oh, and when you let the truth slip by accident and take her out to dinner to make up for it, make sure you get a good look at the valet. He has a crazy look in his eye.

It’s a good thing his Subaru can stand the test of stress… Dad, not so much.

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H/t autoblog, Featured Image via Subaru/YouTube