5 Products Your Dog Can’t Live Without On Game Day

5 Products Your Dog Can’t Live Without On Game Day

You’ve been waiting a whole year for Super Bowl Sunday and plan on giving it your undivided attention. Which gives your dog every opportunity to steal your snacks, sneak beer from plastic cups, and basically ruin your whole Super Bowl experience.

Well we’re not going to let that happen. Here are five DOs and DON’Ts for making this Super Bowl Sunday incredible for you AND your dog.

1. DON’T leave the trash where you can’t see it. We know you love your hot wings, but chicken bones and other garbage can seriously hurt your dog.


DO give in to your pup’s peculiar tastes. Why let them eat trash when there are so many delicious pig ears in the world?


2. DON’T put people food in reach of your dog. Chips n’ guacamole, nuts, and all sorts of other fan food is ridiculously bad for pups.


DO give them the thrill of eating human food, but with a dog-friendly alternative.


3. DON’T share your brew with your pup. Alcohol is toxic to dogs, m’kay, so if you get into the “spirit” of the game, make sure you remember that your dog isn’t a drinking buddy.


DO make them feel like they’re part of your crew by letting ’em pop the top on a can or two.


4. DON’T forget that loud noises and cheering can scare the poop out of your pup! The Super Bowl is a close second to the Fourth of July to your pup, meaning SCARY!


DO distract them with a fun game day activity like tossing the ball around. If treats fall out, so be it.


5. DON’T try to involve your dog if they don’t want to be involved. Your dog has their own thoughts and feelings about game day. Be respectful.


DO give them a fighting chance, and a sweet toy to occupy themselves in the next room.


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