19 Ridiculous Dog Accessories That Prove Some Pup Parents Are Crazier Than Us

19 Ridiculous Dog Accessories That Prove Some Pup Parents Are Crazier Than Us

I’m not going to lie I am 100% Crazy Dog Lady. My life revolves around my fuzzbutts and they have plenty of pup-cessories. But, this list makes me realize that there are definitely pup parents out there who take their madness about their dogs to a whole new level.

Some of these items are kinda adorable. Like the Chihuahua Taco Holder & the Triceratops Dog Costume. Other items are hard to accept as normal like the Pup High Chair & the device that enables your puppers to send tweets!

Browse through this collection of wacky items for poochies & their humans & decide what you think is acceptable in Woof World!

1. Puppy Umbrella, $13.99

Your pup will never have a bad fur day again!

puppy umbrella

2. Chihuahua Taco Holders, $27.99

Who doesn’t want to eat their tacos out of an adorable Chihuahua?! Taco night just got way more delicious!

chi taco holders

3. Flower Rear Gear Pup Butt Cover, $5

Of course these Mutt Butt covers are handmade in Portland, Oregon! Rear Gear is doing an excellent job of “Keeping Portland Weird” while offering a “cheerful solution to be-rid your favorite pet’s un-manicured back side.”

Rear Gear For Pups

4. Hands Free Dog Leash, $45

I imagine this Hands Free Dog Leash situation could get a little tricky & comical as soon as your Fur Bot spots a squirrel!

hands free dog leash

5. Dog Overalls, $39.60

These Dog Overalls for adventure seeking Hounds & humans will keep your Dog dry after romping around in the rain or snow. These seem practical for the Four-Legged community although may get a few chuckles from those who don’t have lives revolving around Tail-waggers.

dog overalls

6. Pooping Dog Lamp, $1838.98

You would never spot a Pooping Dog Lamp in my home but everyone has their own taste in Dog decor!

pooping dog lamp

7. Custom Pup Purses, $5075

These matching bags are designed only for the chicest Dogues & their humans. When you buy a bag from this Forzieri collection you have the opportunity to receive a mini replica Pawbag for your Dog. The Pawbag can be attached to your Dog’s collar and is ideal for carrying trinkets and treats!

Dog Bag

8. Murphy Bed For Dogs, $1299

Depending on your level of Crazy Dog Paw-rent you may or may not have a problem with investing in a Dog bed that is more expensive then your own bed. These pawesome designs dual as a lovely shelving unit as well as a luxurious place for your Pup to rest his head.

Murphy Dog Bed

9. Clip On Pet High chair, $49.12

This Papillon is clearly joyed to be joining her humans at the dinner table for dessert.

Pet High Chair

10. Nail Paw-lish, $8.95

Even though this Paw-lish is water based, odorless, & non toxic some things should be left for the human salons.

Nail Paw-lish

11. Male Dog Cologne, $55

The same goes for fragrances for Fuzzbutts in my opinion. Puppies have a heavenly natural scent that should never be covered up!

Male Dog Cologne

12. Puppy Tweets, $14.94

Tweets are the new bark according to the makers of Puppy Tweets.

Puppy Tweets

13. Poo Traps, $38

Poo Traps for the laziest Pup parents ever. Parenting a Pooch comes with responsibility including Doggy doo doo pick up duty!

Poo Trap

14. 22K Gold Thread Pet Mattress, $3000

Another example of a Fur Baby bed that costs way more than any bed most humans will ever own.


15. Victorian Dog Dress, $79.99

These Pup Princesses are ready for their afternoon tea party. They look pawfectly content but I’m not sure if I’d subject my Fur Children to this kind of outfitting everyday.

Victorian Dog Dress

16. Triceratops Dog Costume, $9.16

This might be the best Halloween Doggie costume ever made.

Dog Dino Costume

17. Personalized Dog Nose Necklace, $210

Puppy paws have traditionally been the symbol used to honor our beloved Dogelets with jewelry & other human accessories. Are paws out & snouts in?!

Dog Nose Necklace

18. Beer For Dogs, $19.99

Now your Doggie can enjoy a coldie with you! Bowser brews have a chicken flavor & are made from salt-free homemade stock. They are non-alcoholic & have no hops but might actually help your Bark Buddies bound better! All brews are packed with vitamins and glucosamine for healthy joints.


19. Pup-Casso Art Kit, $19.99

In just a few easy steps this kit will transform your Love Bugs into the next Pup-Casso! Best of all this Pooch paint kit claims to have no mess! Your pet’s paws will stay clean & dry even after creating their master piece!