Dogs Should Be Rewarded for Being Dogs: Announcing the Barkies

Dogs Should Be Rewarded for Being Dogs: Announcing the Barkies

In the past few years, we’ve noticed a beautiful thing on the Internet– the rise of the animal as celebrity. (We’d much rather watch the shenanigans of a derpy Shih-Tzu than hear about the ridiculous Shih-Tzu-ations of the human world anyways. ;P) While there are many famous cats, hedgehogs, capybaras, piglets, and birds, we only have eyes for the dogs.

To celebrate the dogs of the Internet, we are launching The Barkies– the Internet awards paw-noring the best dogs and dog-ruving hoomans on the web. (Read more about what each category entails below and start sending in your nominations!)

This year The Barkies will be hosted by…

That’s right. The rising celebri-dog of the Instagram world will be MC’ing our big event on October 20th. She’s just like Ellen… Except Marnie has wayyyy more celebrity selfies. 😉


If you’ve know a dog trying to make it in this Internet world, nominate them! Below is a breakdown of what each category entails as well as the schedule.

THE PRIZE: Each dog who wins a Barkie will get $1000 donated to the organization of their choice, a pawsonalized 3D printed Barkie trophy, as well as mentions on the BarkPost + BarkBox social channels.

Every nominee will receive a pawsonalized Barkie trophy from PrideBites!

August 31: Nominations close.
September 8: Barkies nominees announced, voting begins.
October 7: Voting ends.
October 20: Barkies webcast announcing the winners, hosted by Marnie the Dog!


    Best Dog on the Web The best pup on the web, across all social channels.
    Best Dog on Instagram The best pup on Instagram or an account prominently featuring dogs.
    Best Dog on Website The best website dedicated to pups.
    Best Dog on Twitter The best Twitter paw-file about dogs or by a dog.
    Best Dog on Vine The best Vine account by a dog or prominently featuring dogs.
    Best Dog on Youtube The best Youtube account by a dog or prominently featuring dogs.
    Best Dog Organization A rescue, shelter, or organization that has helped a lot of pups.
    Best Brand Campaign Involving Dogs The best ad campaign featuring dogs.
    Most Effective Campaign to Help Dogs The best, most creative idea or crusade to help a dog or dog cause.
    Best Dog Youtube Video of the Year The greatest dog video uploaded to Youtube this past year.
    Best Dog Photo on Instagram The greatest Instagram photo puplished in the past year.
    Best Dog Product An amazing dog product.
    Dog-Lovin Human of the Year An unsung human who helps a lot of dogs and has made the world a better place. A human underdog, perhaps?
    Dog Who Helped the Most Dogs A dog who used their Internet pawwer to help other dogs.
    Best New Pup on the Block A rising star of the Internet world.

Know a human or pup who fits one of these categories? Nominate them now!

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