All the Best Cyber Monday Deals For Your Dog in 2019

All the Best Cyber Monday Deals For Your Dog in 2019

As you’re scrambling to find all the best gifts for your two and four-legged family, here are some of the best Cyber Monday doggo deals to help you find the perfect gift for your best bud!

Year-Round Fun

BarkBox Subscription, $5 First Box on any Multi-Month Plan
This Cyber Monday, make your dog ridiculously happy by getting them a BarkBox! Our best deal of the year is a $5 first BarkBox on any multi-month plan. Each month, BarkBox ships out 2 original toys, 2 all-natural treats, and a chew. All of the toys are unique & themed and all the treats are made in the USA.  See more about what comes in a BarkBox here!

ALSO– JUST FOR A limited time, we opened up the BarkBox vault and brought back our most popular BarkBox of all time, the Grinch BarkBox! Only while these green grumps last, you can Grinch-ify your first box, snag a FREE EXTRA TOY EVERY SINGLE MONTH, aaaaand get a wearable Max’s Antler! That’s 3 toys, 2 full-size bags of treats, and a tasty chewy every month.

(All you need to do is choose the Grinch box at checkout!)

Super Chewin’ Year-Round Fun

Super Chewer Subscription, $5 First Box

Maybe you’re in the market for something with more durability. You want something that will last through the wicked winter months and be there when spring is sprung. Look no further than the Super Chewer subscription. From the same dog crazy people that bring you BarkBox, these toys are designed with the toughest pups in mind. When you start a 6 or 12-month Super Chewer subscription this Cyber Monday, your first box will only be $5

Every Super Chewer box comes with 2 durable dog toys (designed by our experts), 2 all-natural treats and 2 meaty chews. See more about what comes in a Super Chewer box here!

Back to Your Roots

EMBARK DNA test, $70 off

Sure, Grandma might be able to tell you the details of every extended family member in almost scary detail. But when it comes to your pup, it’s just a guessing game for her. Knowing more about your dog’s breed and DNA can help you understand everything from health, to why he freezes up anytime he sees a squirrel.

Ever wondered just what your pup was made of? Embark is offering $70 off their DNA testing kits for Cyber Monday, so you can learn all you’d ever want to know. The company was founded by two dog loving brothers, one of which is a Cornell University genetics professor. Even Oprah backs these guys. Testing for you, and you, and you!

Shop It Like It’s Hot

BarkShop, 20% Off Sitewide Including Markdowns= Total Savings 50%. Code: CyberDogs

It’s not too late to shop those last minute holiday gifts and grab a little something for yourself while you’re at it. This Cyber Monday, BarkShop customers get 20% off sitewide using the code “CyberDogs”. You can even combine it with previous discounts for up to 50% off! That’s 20% off anything and everything on the website, including high-quality treats and chews.

BarkShop even has deals for the human in your life. The DOGS DOGS DOGS tote and stylish Poop Bag Holder are a combo that will easily earn you Santa Paws status. And who says you can’t snag one or two for yourself?

Amazon Deals

Brand New BarkBox Bolster Beds, and Brand New Holiday Sheets!
We all know Cyber Monday isn’t just about TVs and toys. There’s nothing more satisfying then sniffing out those essentials and getting a great deal while you’re at it. Our newest bed just launched in time for Cyber Monday– a super comfy and washable bolster bed with custom sheets to go inside!

(Available in buffalo plaid and green velvet in addition to all of the basic colors.)

Let’s face it, you’ve probably already been scoping out those sweet Amazon  Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. But it’s time to throw a few more must-haves on the doggy pile for you! 

We’ve talked before about the benefits of orthopedic beds for older pups, but there’s no denying they’re just plain comfy no matter what your age!

Somebody’s Watching Meeee

Furbo Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera, Over 40% Off!

Ideally, your dog is going everywhere with you. In a perfect world, pups would be welcomed with open arms, chowing down with us at restaurants and joining us in jubilation at the end of a long work day. Sadly, the world has not caught up to the ideal future just yet. In the meantime, Furbo is here to help you keep an eye on your pup when you’re not able to be there.

Different models offer anything from simply monitoring and talking to your dog to tossing treats, and they all feature HD streaming so you can check in on your pup from anywhere at any time. This Cyber Monday, Furbo is offering over $100 off their cameras. No more midday sneaky snacks and counter surfing for your dog, and way more peace of mind for you!

Stylish Living

Select Zee Dog Collars and Harnesses over 50% Off

When it comes to leashes and collars, there are a lot of really boring products out on the market. From one-of-a-kind gradients, to sushi, to cute, abstract patterns, Zee.Dog is the expert in fun ‘n fashionable designs. Each collar and harness is soft, durable, completely adjustable, designed with weather-resistant polyester, and includes a four-point lock system for added safety. The mesh harnesses have special air mesh technology, as well, to ensure proper ventilation and comfort for those long-awaited walkies.

Also be sure to check out our  BARK gift guide with all of our favorite products and gadgets, click here!