The Easiest Way to Make an Adorable Paper Version of Your Dog

The Easiest Way to Make an Adorable Paper Version of Your Dog

We consider ourselves pretty lucky here at Bark&Co since we get to bring our pups to work every day. Most places, though, aren’t as fortunate. If you’re a lonely hooman without a dog at your feet or if you’re a busy hooman with precocious, crafty kidlets in your life, you should totally check out this book of paper pups.


To make the paper pups, it’s im-paw-ssibly simple. There’s no tape, no glue, or scissors involved. All you do is choose a pup to make and punch them out.


Then, following the creases, fold your pup together and slip the tabs in their respective slots.


This paper pup became a Chihuahua but there are many dogs in the book to choose from. There’s a Foxhound, Bulldog, Welsh Terrier, Pointer, and a German Shepherd– just to name a few. (For the full list, check out the book on Amazon.)


There’s even a teacup Poodle… Inside a teacup!

vegas_vendor_party-4 vegas_vendor_party-2

Here are a few of the pups we made here at the BarkPost. To make your own 3D pups, get the Paper Pups book by Daniel Stark on Amazon!

vegas_vendor_party-6 Paper Pups Cover

If you love this idea and want to make a different 3D artistic version of your dog, check out this post on a different paper pups book!