The One Item Every Dog Parent Must Have To Be Truly Dog Crazy

The One Item Every Dog Parent Must Have To Be Truly Dog Crazy

Do you take a million pictures of your dog so you can get that one perfect picture for Instagram? Do you repeatedly cancel plans so you can stay home with your dog? If either of these ring true, congratulations! You’re a dog person. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear it proudly.

Pop Your Pup™ is the perfect way to show off the intense love you feel for your dog with the world. They’ll transform a photo of your dog into your new favorite tee.

Pop Your Pup 1

Simply pick a t-shirt style, upload a pic of your dog, and choose between a solid or themed background.  (Puppies + Pizza Theme = Pawfection)


(Editor’s note: Seriously, picking one photo out of a million was the most challenging part of this process.)

Pop Your Pup 2

Since the shirt basically looks like a trendy tee, everyone will probably assume it came from the store. Unless, you tell them “actually I made this” which you totally should because it’s awesome.

Pop Your Pup 4

And honestly, wearing a shirt with your dog’s face on it is the least annoying way to brag (because it doesn’t count as bragging if they ask first, right?).

Pop Your Pup 3

They’re also a great gift for all of the dog-loving humans in your life.

Pop Your Pup 6

Because Pop Your Pup™’s goal is to make sure you totally, absolutely love your shirt, you’ll be emailed a mock up of the design before it’s made. They won’t even begin to print until they receive you and your pup’s paw of approval. You can also feel twice as good about wearing this shirt, knowing that Pop Your Pup™ donates a portion of sales to help dogs in need.

pop your pup 2

Eager to share your dog’s adorable face with the word? Sniff on over to Pop Your Pup™ to create your own today. Check out their video on how to below!

This post is pawwred by the folks at Pop Your Pup™! Pop Your Pup is an interactive clothing brand. Amplify your puppy love with one of their custom graphic tees.

Feature image via. Pop Your Pup