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Do you have a dog that only lifts his head from the pillow if he hears you open the fridge? Or maybe she runs on 24-hour energy, is forever underfoot, and only gives you space if you sacrifice a bully stick? We know the type. The thing is, you can tell a lot about the type of pup you've got just by the things he goes nuts for! So... what pooch shares your home with you?
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The pup who will do ANYTHING to go for a ride, whether it's just to roll through the drive-thru and get some fries (they're really hoping for your weakness on the no-human-food policy), or to take a stroll through the Home Depot while you shop for scratch-resistant hardwood.

  His real desire is to explore as much new scenery and smells as possible. This is a dog with a need to spread his hypothetical wings; sitting around the house waiting for you to come home is no good. He benefits from visiting unfamiliar places and loves it when you switch up the routes on walks. He accepts any challenge, whether it's physical or mental, but loves most of all that he gets to take them with you.
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Even though this dog knows you'll never leave her, she has to make sure you keep your word--by always snuggling close. She's a pup who revels in comfort and doesn't mind if you snore because she sounds like a freight train herself. With a first-class cuddle bug, you may also be familiar with the term "velcro dog." In other words, don't ever expect to look down and not see a nose poking back up.

A needy dog is sometimes prone to separation anxiety. Though snuggling the day away is great, it's important to get out and see the world. Go for a walk, and teach your best friend no matter what, you're always there, and you're always coming back.
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The compulsive digger is the reason we can't have nice things. Just kidding (not really, AHEM, so much for my TULIPS). This dog cares that you and he are prepared for whatever comes your way. Apocalypse? Don't sweat it--we've got a month's worth of chews buried in the garden. Thunderstorm? The world as we know it is surely ending, but at least we hid that soggy tennis ball five years ago.

He's always got a back-up plan, and cares deeply for the the things he has. No matter how upset you get for tripping in that hole, this dog will always tell you it's for the good of everyone involved. Trust him.
Source: Little Things
Source: Little Things

Be prepared, because this dog does not have an off-switch. When you want to walk, they want to walk... but when you want to sleep, eat, relax, they still want to walk. This dog thrives on the "pack migration" that his wild ancestors get to enjoy on the daily, and he only wants to do it with you.

You and your pup: pack of two. These dogs are obsessed with your company, and they may be a little overly insistent, but it's only because they want to share their favorite thing with you and you alone. He may be more of a lone wolf as far having a canine sibling goes, but that's no big deal. This dog is loyal, devoted, and has zero desire to leave your side.
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The ULTIMATE Netflix-watching, novel-reading, couch-snuggling buddy is here, at your service. This sack o' potatoes loves little more than lounging. Treats and lounging. And their favorite spot is glued to your side or literally anywhere on your body. It doesn't even have to be a flat surface, that's how accommodating they are.

Beware of these pooches packing on the pounds, though, because they still need plenty of exercise. A nice leisurely walk or a game of chase in the backyard is perfectly fine, but mostly they're happy to do whatever you're doing. Which is good, since you're about to start binge-watching Dexter for the third time.
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This dog assumes that every person, dog, plant, and rock wants to say hello, and he is more than happy to oblige. It's great to have a pup who gets along with everything and everyone, but take extra caution to make sure the other party feels the same way. Sometimes their happy-go-lucky attitude can be a bit much for others! While he adores you and any two-legged family members, this carefree canine is more than eager to share with four-legged siblings and friends. His toys are your toys, and his spot on the couch is yours too, if you ask nicely.
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Not every dog grows a pair of gills when they step foot in a lake or swimming pool, but those that while the day away in water are spontaneous adventure-takers. They're up for just about anything, especially if it means getting a little dirty in the process.

This dog may very well be a challenge to remove from his watery home, but that stubbornness and determination make him all the more loyal to you. Admire their hardheaded tenacity, because not all pups have that unique endurance of mind and body. At the end of the day, they're the beta to your alpha, and will do just about anything to make sure you know it.
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