13 Things Only Tripod Parents Understand

13 Things Only Tripod Parents Understand

My dog Ricky is the cutest damn dog I know. He’s a tweaky long-haired Chihuahua, but that’s not all. He’s a tripawd. He’s missing his back left leg and boy does that make me melt.

There’s a ton of things Ricky does that no other dog can do… except maybe another tripod. Here are 13 things that only a tripod parent will understand.

1. You secretly enjoy Photoshopping peg legs and pirate hats onto their pictures. Even when it’s not Halloween.


Image via Costume Store

2. Your favorite trick is making them roll over ’cause they look more like a floppy fish than a rolling dog.

3. When you’re walking your dog and people say, “Oh that’s so sad!” you smile politely, but want to tell them, “Oh yeah? YOU’VE only got TWO legs!”

4. You get excited about buying flame decals for your dog’s bitchin’ wheel cart.


Image via Daily Motion

5. You try not to laugh when they forget they don’t have a leg. Those stump scratches? Ermagherd. <3 <3 <3

6. You know that just because your pup is missing a leg it doesn’t mean they can’t learn to give an epic high paw.

7. You love that they can’t make it up all the stairs in your house, but they always try. #Pride


Image via m37cy Instagram

8. You know exactly how many times you’ll let your pup face-plant trying to hop on the couch before picking them up. #LearningCurve

9. Your heart melts when your tripod rests their stump on your leg instead of sitting down.

10. You tell your dog to shake and they just look at you… So you give them a treat anyway because you’re sure they meant to shake if they had their other paw.

11. You know that too many treats = too much strain on too few joints. You always make sure there is time for furry fitness. #puppyBurpees

12. You actually get a little embarrassed when your dog poops in a circle.


Image via Viral Nova

13. You never underestimate the strength of that lone leg doing double duty to keep your tripod moving… Because you know your pup is perfect and you wouldn’t have them any other way.


Image via OA Online